Fitness Tools – The Heart Rate Monitor

Hey guys, it’s Josh here, and today we have a guest post from one of our trainers who regularly dishes out the evening madness at our Langley Bootcamp….. Drumroll please…..

Take it away, Rebecca!

If there is one thing about fitness I have learned lately it is to set goals! Ever since I did a few more training courses this summer, my heart monitor and I have been inseperable during work outs. They were talking about how great a tool it is to see how many calories you burn in a work out as well as exactly how long you work out for, and what your maximum and average heart rate is. If my work out is mainly cardio, then I set a high goal for the end of my workout and I don’t stop until I have reached that number. If you are doing more resistance and strength training, your goal can be lower, but really push hard on your cardio part of the workout to get that heart pumpin!

This tool encourages me to push hard, go strong and really think about whether or not I will have that extra dougnut I was offered at work that afternoon.  You will be surprised at how many calories are burned with certain exercises and how hard you can push yourself. Once you’ve started setting calorie goals for each workout, you can set them for the week and month! This will encourage you to get to bootcamp more, meet your goal and burn as many calories as possible to reach your ideal weight. Don’t forget about after burn! Leave your heart rate monitor on for 20 minutes or so after your work out. The harder you work, the greater your after burn so push hard to burn calories even on your drive home!

You can get a heart rate monitor at any sports store or order them online. I have had my Polar heart rate monitor for three years and it still works great. A fitness tool worth investing in? I definitely thinks so!

Rebecca VanderMey
The Bootcamp Effect