Everything You Do Must …

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If you want to build a great body and or lose weight EVERYTHING YOU DO MUST support this.

That at least should be your thought process as you take on your health and fitness goals.

Sure, we are human, sure we slip up… But the overwhelming majority of our decisions and our underlying programming must filter decisions based on this.

And this applies to everything in life…

If you want to build a business? Everything you must do must go towards building your business.

Do you want to build a great body, lose weight, feel great? Everything you do must benefit that and go towards getting you closer to your goal.

Your friends asking you to go out on Friday to the pub?

Does it help your fat loss results?

No. Then don’t go.

Your significant other want to go out for ice cream? Unfortunately, you must ask yourself if that gets you closer to your goal? No ice cream does not equal results. So no ice cream.

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There was this story about a British rowing team 3 years or so out from the Olympics with not a chance in the world of winning a medal.

And the captain said to his teammates, everything we do must get us closer to our goal. Do we as a team commit to this?

And the team committed.

And did pretty good at the Olympics.

So next time you are tempted by unhealthy food, not getting your bootcamp workout for the day in, ask yourself…

Are my decisions getting me closer to my goal?

And if it not, establish a level of commitment, refocus on the positive, so you don’t dwell on the negative, and keep moving forward.

If you adopt this mindset, it will be impossible for you not to be successful. You will dramatically compound your actions that contribute to your goal, while decreasing the ones that don’t, and embrace BEing FIT!

Committed to your results,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect

P.s. We are defined by the sum of our habits. If we create amazing habits, amazing things happen!