Don’t Drink Coke Because…

Here are 12 reasons not to drink coke:

1. It will dissolve a steak in 2 days! (Sounds crazy, but someone has actually proved it).

2. In the US they use coke to remove blood off the street after car accidents.

3. You can remove rust off your car bumper with a can of coke and some aluminum foil.

4. Coke will clean your toilet bowl if you let it sit for an hour without flushing.

5. You know that gook on car batteries? Pour some coke over that, and that will clean it up nicely.

6. You can make gravy with it.

7. Stubborn grease stains getting you down? Remove them with coke and laundry detergent!

8. Coke will dissolve a freaking nail in 4 days!

9. The primary ingredient in coke is phosphoric acid – this can leach calcium from your bones! When this happens, so does your risk for osteoporosis.

10. Coke uses coke to clean the engines on their trucks. Talk about dynamic

11. A Coke truck transporting the coke syrup must place a highly corrosive label on their trucks indicating a hazardous material.

12. It will rot your teeth, turn ’em yellow, make you fat, and dehydrate you – have I made my point!?

As you can see, coke has a promising career in the cleaning industry, should someone invent an alternative that can can take away some of this giant’s market share in the beverage industry. But don’t count on this happening anytime soon.

Try to limit or eliminate your consumption of it. As putting it in your body will ruin your fat loss efforts and impede those incredible results you are looking for.

This is purely a health related article – I have no vendetta against coke nor any other soda, cola, or soft drink…

I personally drink a lot of chocolate milk, but that’s another article…