Don’t do your best at bootcamp, do what is required.

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It’s commonly said day to day, week after week, we’re stressed out, high on caffeine, and strapped for cash seeking that holy grail magic bullet solution to any and all our issues.

And we’re always trying to do our best when we should be doing what is required.

And that is just not good enough.

It’s not good enough when over 60% of Canadians are overweight or obese and increasing every year!
It’s not good enough when someone starts something and quits at the first site of adversity.
It’s just the truth sadly.

Achieving a certain result doesn’t take your best, it takes what is required.

I hear this all the time “oh well, I did my best.”



“I couldn’t do it…..so I’m not trying anymore.”

Doing your best is behaviour that you must apply day to day so that some day you can achieve the goal you set for yourself.

This includes working out at bootcamp regularly, making the right decision with your nutrition consistently, stretching routinely…

And this typically begins with a quality diet.

Avoiding processed, highly refined foods which have become the staple for many in our country due to their convenience, price, and sadly taste… (I would of course beg to differ on that last one…)

Unfortunately, highly processed refined foods have very low nutrient value meaning you’re eating something but not getting any nutrients from it. Sure you’re getting some carbs, some protein, some fat, but it’s lacking all the vitamins and minerals that our bodies and every cell in your body desperately needs!

The problem with this goes on…

Your body will not switch off its hunger signal unless the nutrients it requires are obtained. So you will continue to eat more of this garbage food. Making your body work hard to process it without reaping the reward of nutritiousness.

Does this remind you of someone?
Are you trying to stop eating food like this?

But saying “I did my best and it didn’t happen” – that’s giving up and it’s not only never going to happen; it ingrains the belief that if you try your best and it doesn’t work out fast that then you should just move on to the next thing.

And then the next thing…

The yo-you diets, the 21 day to abs solution, the xyz detox.

Have you noticed this pattern in your life?

In your training?

In your nutrition?

I like to look at this situation metaphorically. Your confidence is a piggy bank filled with change.

Everytime you fail, you are withdrawing change from that piggy bank. Continually do this and there will be nothing left to withdraw. Your confidence and belief in yourself will be non-existant. Whereas when you make the right decision or a positive decision you are depositing change in that piggy bank.

Like this.
langley bootcamp

Your confidence gets higher. your belief in yourself gets higher, you start to believe things that were once impossible or unfathomable are within reach.

Think of everything as a continuum.

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On one end is the least fit version of you with zero belief in what you can achieve.

On the other end is the most fit version of you with extraordinary belief.

One good action at a time, fueled by 1 good habit at a time, you eek closer to the right side of the line and your body will do what it is supposed to do.

At the end of the day you must do what is required and a component of getting there is doing your best as consistently as possible and learning from your mistakes.

That’s making the tough decisions when all you really want is a bag of chips. It does get easier to make the good choice though. The more deposits you make. The more you feel you are capable of, and the more YOU EMPOWER YOURSELF TO SAY NO!

Now get after it…

It is after all your journey and your story to write.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders
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