Dear Member – A Letter from your Langley Fitness Coach

langley fitness coach, langley personal trainer, personal training langley

langley fitness coach, langley personal trainer, personal training langley

Dear Member,

I wanted to write this letter to you as I’m an advocate of the statement: Awareness Precedes Change

And by writing this to you, I hope we can begin to bring more awareness to the client-coach relationship.

So what is a coach?
By definition it is an individual that guides another through a process to achieve a goal.

So you have your goal, and if you want it, my role as your coach is for you to get better then me (you’re going to have to really want it)…

As I see it there are 3 levels of a personal trainer/coach and these 3 levels can be different between every member and I at BEFIT based on our interactions and experiences together.

The 3 levels:

#1 – I’m a coach listen to me

This is sometimes how you may feel when you first meet a personal trainer in a gym and you haven’t bought in to the belief that they are there in your best interest and you may even question if they know what they are doing…

#2 – I want you to be better than me because I care about you

This is what separates trainers from coaches ultimately. As stated above, my role in this is to drip content and information to you in the domains of fitness, mindset, nutrition, and everything else that encompasses why you stepped through those doors. And I want you to fall so hard for this fitness thing, and go so far down that rabbit hole that you become better at it than me.

# 3 – I can deliver you results like I’ve done for others before

This happens when a coach who cares about you, has gotten results for others and can do the same for you. You’ve probably seen that we’ve produced weight loss results for others at BEFIT. Not only weight loss results, but improved fitness, improved strength and been able to reproduce these results year after year.

With this, I want everyone who walks through our doors ringing that metaphorical bell symbolizing “goal achieved.” So if you are not getting the results you’d expect – whether that’s strength , conditioning or weight loss, that’s on me as much as it is you. Let’s figure it out together .. email us to schedule a 10 min complimentary strategy session with me

The role of the coach is to create, maintain and uphold standards. We will design that for you in this meeting. It’s about reminding you that you have a personal responsibility to yourself not to be lazy and to follow through on the things you said you’d do despite your mood and how you feel.

If you are coachable we will be able to help you get the best from you.

And this all comes back to mental toughness. I want you to be mentally tough in your workouts and in your nutrition and in this particular aspect of your life as much as you are in others.

If you are complaining about how hot it is. That’s outside your control. I need to bring awareness to that . You are focussing on things outside what you can control. That is not mental toughness.

Don’t whine about anything unless you have a solution.

It’s ok to make mistakes I’ve made so many…………..

But as long as you are working hard.

And aware of your actions.

While believing in yourself.

We’ll get there.

Committed to your success.

Your coach,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

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