Hey Guys,

I just want to share with you some DEADLIFTS I filmed a while back. These videos are the first in a series of lifting accomplishments I will be presenting to you. With PASSION anything is possible and these guys are true representatives of passion in the weightroom. I don’t think I need to mention these guys are all natural – no steroids involved here! You will notice as well that there are no straps are belts involved – THIS IS FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH!

Matt Corrigan LIFTS 255lbs @ 159lb bodyweight (Also a member of The Bootcamp Effect). His last deadlifts were 4 weeks ago at 205lbs! That’s a 50lb increase in his deadlift in 4 weeks. Great Work Buddy!

Here we have THE HULK Joel Saunders at a mere 233lbs lifting 505lbs in the deadlift. This man is carved OUT OF STEEL and has WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN 2020 written all over him! Joel is one of my earliest training clients and the base he was able to develop with me early on throttled him from 155lbs to 233lbs in 4 years!

Shaun Saunders, at 139lbs lifts 215 for 3 reps. Shaun is an assistant at The Bootcamp Effect, and is well on his way to be able to lift 2x his bodyweight – Although softspoken, when this man speaks you should listen, he is at 8% bodyfat during this lift!