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As gyms and fitness studios in BC are given the green light from government officials to open back up for business, we’re committed to our social obligation of safety and the wellbeing of our staff, members and the community that we serve.

We’ve taken the time to ensure no detail has been overlooked, made sure we have adequate supplies and that we feel confident we can meet the requirements as outlined by the Fraser Health Authority for our reopening on Monday June 1st.

Our Reopening Protocol takes social distancing, facility disinfecting and 3 levels of programming into consideration to ensure that both members and staff are safe while experiencing an enjoyable, entertaining and effective workout.

Until Covid-19 is behind us, we have to take precautions to make sure we can stay open. Here’s how we can help keep BEFIT safe for everyone:

gym instructions, covid-19

  • Wait outside until it’s time for your class as we have to limit the amount of people in the facility at any one time. The door will remain closed between sessions and open during sessions.
  • We’ve taken the extra precaution to create a member waiting area outside of the facility that is marked with red lines and designed to keep waiting members spaced out 6 feet and to allow for safe social distancing practice (alternatively, you can wait in your car or in the parking lot).

wash your hands

  • Every member will be asked to disinfect their hands upon entering and exiting the gym using the provided solution at the front door.

gym cleaning protocol

  • After your workout please exit the gym promptly so that the staff can prepare the facility for the next timeslot.
  • Once members exit the facility, the staff will close the front door, do a thorough cleaning of the equipment and space used, as well as any surfaces that were touched, including the restrooms.
  • Only after a session has ended, members have exited, and the gym has been cleaned will the staff open the front door (to reduce touch points), and welcome the next group of members in one at a time to disinfect their hands,  check in and enter their designated training space for the next session.

stay home, covid-19

  • We ask that if you are have any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue or loss of appetite that you please don’t come to the gym.
  • If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 please let us know.
  • Staff will be self monitoring for symptoms and will be required to stay home if feeling unwell and members should do the same.

added workouts

  • All sessions will be moved from 55 minutes to 45 minutes to allow for sufficient cleaning of the equipment and will ensure that there is no overflow of members in the gym at any one time.
  • To provide members with a greater opportunity to workout, we have increased our schedule from 52 timeslots/week to 64 timeslots/week.

Here is a glance at our reopening schedule:covid-19 schedule, gym schedule
sign up for classes

  • All sessions will be initially limited to a maximum of 19 members/session to ensure appropriate social distancing practice.
  • As we have a limit to classes, you will be required to sign up for classes in advance.
  • You may sign up 7 days in advance for these sessions here: www.thebootcampeffect.com/schedule
  • The system will not let you book in for classes unless you have an active membership.
  • When logging in, please reset your password as you already have an account with us under your email. (Please do not create a new account).
  • If you can’t make your reserved class, you must cancel 2 hours prior, otherwise you will receive a $10 penalty. All cancellations must be made through your online account.

gym social distancing

  • As we will be limiting the capacity of each timeslot to 19 members per session, it is imperative that we maintain the standard of workout you have become accustomed to.
  • That’s why created the STRENGTH and SWEAT workouts.
  • During the session, each member will stay in their workout space and only touch the pieces of equipment reserved for them in their space. There will be no sharing of equipment. This eliminates cross contamination of equipment and moving throughout the gym. (Don’t worry, there will be a lot of equipment in each training space).
  • Each space will also be equipped with a sanitizer bottle containing Grassroots, a disinfectant approved by Health Canada to kill the coronavirus. Members are asked to disinfect the equipment thoroughly at the end of each workout.
  • Please bring a large bath towel or yoga mat to set down to workout on in your space.
  • If possible, please arrive at the gym in workout clothes to avoid using the washrooms on site. You will bring your water bottle, sweat towel and belongings with you to your training space. (Please do not put items in the cubbies).
  • Please limit bringing additional belongings into the gym unless you need them for your workout.

increased janitorial services

  • We have increased our janitorial services in light of Covid-19. At the end of each day we will have our cleaning staff deep clean and disinfect the entire facility, equipment, restrooms and surfaces to ensure the facility is clean and safe to use the following morning.

online personal training

  • Even with these precautions in place, we realize that some of our members still may not feel comfortable coming back into the gym and that is why we’re committed to keeping our True Coach Online Personal Training available for those members who wish to continue training online with us. This will ensure we can continue to serve our members at home with the same results driven workouts that you’ll find in the gym at BEFIT.
  • Please contact us directly if you wish to keep your True Coach account active, otherwise accounts will be placed inactive the first week of June.
  • All Zoom workouts will be cancelled effective June 1st.

At this time, we would ask all members who “checked out” equipment to make arrangements to drop off their equipment on Thursday May 28th from 12pm-5pm. If you cannot drop it off during that time, please email us to arrange another time.

If you would like to set up your membership for June 1st, please contact us to reactivate.

We realize that as a brand we have a social responsibility to our members, staff and the community that we serve and we’re fully committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure the safety of everyone during these unusual times.

Committed to your health and fitness,
Josh Saunders

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