Cheating With Alcohol – The Bootcamp Box Social Part 2

Where will you be Saturday February 11th at 8pm?

I’ll tell you where I’m going to be…

Rusty’s Pub in Cloverdale for The Bootcamp Box Social Part 2

17770 56th Avenue

(That’s on Highway 10 in the same complex as the IGA)

This event was organized by members of The Bootcamp Effect…. and rumor has it, all staff will be in attendance…and we hope to see you there if…it is your cheat day.

(It will be ours).

Annnnnd, speaking of cheat days, I have been getting a few inquiries regarding cheating with alcohol.

Because, let’s face it. Life sometimes is a lot funner when you let loose for the night. It’s just all about balance and your goals.

And although most of the time it is a Bad Idea, that doesn’t mean that you cant take part in your regularly scheduled cheating program.

One day a week, eat your favorite foods, unless of course they be brocolli and brussel sprouts, ummm, you can add those in too.

Cheating is great for psychological reasons, as the cheat will make you feel like crap, and you’ll be meticulosuly making up for it during the week 😉

In addition, cheating has physiological benefits. These benefits involve leptin, a fat burning hormone in your body.

Leptin levels are lowered in your body while on a low calorie diet to protect you from becoming too lean. ( I know crazy right…but this is a survival mechanism designed for a human body living when we had to actively hunt for food…Cause you may not always catch something…)

Quick move to modern day 2012, and all the food we can eat is right on our doorstep, so leptin’s role in modern day isn’t as relevant.

And what happens with most people is when they start a new nutrition plan to drop body fat their leptin levels lower as well. (Preventing us from getting too lean).

So in order to trick our body to burn more fat, we cheat 1 day a week which in turn spikes our leptin hormone levels and resetting our metabolism and creating a physiological environment primed for fat burning.

Unfortunately, alcohol cancels out all of these benefits of the cheat day, and actually lowers plasma leptin levels, which is actually the opposite of what we were aiming for with our cheat day.

To sum it up: Cheat day + alcohol = fat gain.

Yet, this still doesn’t mean that you can’t partake in your favorite beverage on your cheat day….It just means you can’t have any more than 2 drinks before it begins to have a negative effect.

Or a Josh Rule… if you feel the effects of alcohol, you have drunk too much.

Sorry for all you college kids out there.

But remember, YOU HAVE GOALS. And that should supercede everything else!

And goals worth accomplishing involve sacrifice.

Know this, embrace this, and move forward!

And if alcohol is more important than your weight loss goal then that is a desicion for you to make. I just wanted to give you the facts so that you could make an informed desicion.

This was written on a sober superbowl sunday.

Would you expect anything different from me,

Josh Saunders

The Bootcamp Effect