Charity Bootcamp Vol 2 – Bootcamp Heroes

BE aka Bootcamp Effect (noun):
Langley fitness company, innovative group personal training, changing lives through a community of positive individuals dedicated to health and fitness.

Or I could just call ya a bunch of these…

Bootcamp Heroes!

bootcamp effect group picture

This past weekend, we held a bootcamp for a cause supporting Concrete Hero and the BC cancer foundation.

Over 80 individuals took part in the workout of the day with 10 teams vying for the most reps in 10 3 minute rounds of full body exercises.

There was mb slams, sled pushs, even clams. The level of intensity was rivalled only by the generosity. We had bootcamp veterans with first timers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives…

Just a bunch of great people supporting a great cause… Bootcamp Heroes.

You guys all amaze me with your compassion.

I thank you for your thoughtfulness and your willingness to support these worthwhile causes. I would like to name a lot of people right now, but there is literally too many people to list, and I don’t dare for mistake of leaving anyone out, as you guys set the mark in my mind on what it means to give.

With your help we raised over $1200 for this cause. The money will be donated to our concrete hero team members so that they may participate in the 7km event on Saturday Sept 29 supporting the BC Cancer Foundation.

Here’s a few pictures from the charity bootcamp courtesy of Jenn Kirk Photography

bootcamp warmup

langley personal training

trx, group trx training

Please visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/thebootcampeffect for the entire album of photos

Josh Saunders

The Bootcamp Effect

P.s. Oh one person, I won’t leave out is you, Karen. Without you, events like this would not happen, so thanks for being you 🙂 .