Charity Bootcamp – The Greatest Bootcamp Ever Held

I just got finished watching “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” which if you havent seen this movie, its about product placement by big business in movies. It’s pretty much a win-win if done correctly.

And if you go and see the new James Bond movie that opened this weekend, you’ll get a “taste” of what I am saying…

So in honor of this eye opening flick, I thought, I would try my rendition of…..(drumroll please)

The Greatest Bootcamp Ever Held. (It just happen’s to be a langley bootcamp too ;))

But, if this was true to the movie, it would actually be…

Vega presents…
The Greatest Bootcamp Ever Held.

There, that’s the stuff.

P.s. Members can buy Vega at the gym…
P.p.s. Bootcamp Effect trainers really do use and believe in Vega plant protein!

Now to the important stuff…

What is The Greatest Bootcamp Ever Held? Well, it is The Official Grand Opening of our new gym at #108 20530 Langley Bypass .

Even better is that we will be having a Charity Bootcamp with all proceeds going to a local langley family in need. So bring everyone!

Details please?

It is a minimum $10 donation per person to attend bootcamp and help us support a local family in need during the Christmas season. Current members are not required to donate or bring anything, but if you would like to donate or bring in something you are just a wicked person! You can view more about our cause here: www.langleychristmasbureau.com

We have not chosen a family yet, as we do not know how much money we will raise from the charity bootcamp. When we chose a family, we will have a write up on how The Bootcamp Effect family made a difference this Christmas season.

So, I need your help! I know you’ve been talking about how much you love our workouts and being apart of the BE community, so bring your friends and family out to the workout! My goal is to have over 50 do the workout with my eye on 100, and yes, I have figured out how to have a 100 person workout in the gym.

What else will make this the best bootcamp ever held?

Imma BE bouncing off the walls with high energy with the rest of our trainers. Not to mention, we will have our very own Kurt Baker aka “DJ Bootcamp” rocking out the DJ booth!

We’ve got vendor giveaways for you from companies like Vega and Jugo Juice…

We’ll have raffle prizes for bootcamp shirts, The Biggest Winners announced (and $1000 given away!)…

And the high intensity bootcamp effect workouts you know and love for a cause that matters!

So spread the word! Light up facebook, grab some friends, tweet, and let’s get together, get your workout on, and support an amazing cause because Christmas is the best time of the year, and no kids should not be able to wake up Christmas morning without presents under the tree!

Best wishes,

Charity Christmas Bootcamp

  • The greatest bootcamp ever held is on Saturday December 1st, 2012 at #108 20530 Langley Bypass, Langley, BC
  • $10 minimum donation /person for non members to help us support a local family in need through the Christmas season.
  • Donation is optional for current members
  • Biggest Winner measurements start at 9am
  • Biggest Winner announcement at 9:55am
  • Bootcamp and Vendor Giveaways starts at 10am
  • Please arrive 10mins early if attending the bootcamp workout.