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Stop Starving Yourself

If you have a weight loss goal, it’s a common thing to reduce the unhealthy food in your life. But one thing you absolutely do not want to do is starve yourself. See, what ends up happening is you’re motivated to lose weight so you

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sample meal plan

Snack Attack Part 2 – Building a Meal Plan

If you didn’t get a chance, please read part 1 on snacking and weight loss before reading below. This post has been designed to build on the mentality of 3 meals per day focusing on nutrient quality. Now let’s breakdown how you can personalize your

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Snack Attack

I’m back with another hard-hitting truth bomb about mindset, your weight loss goals, and snacking. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Snacking is bad for you. Real bad. I know what you’re thinking. “Josh, what the heck are you talking about? Everyone snacks. Snacking is

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Are You Struggling With Protein?

When new members come to me I get down hearing about all the years they wasted on methods that don’t work. If It Fits Your Macros because the cool kids are doing it. Vegetarian or vegan diets because they watched Game Changers on Netflix High

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Nutrition, Numbers & Protein

Nutrition is complicated. But it can be simplified. Here’s where I would start with your nutrition if your someone that works well with numbers. Start with Protein Protein in Greek means of first importance. Let that marinate for a second… The Ancient Greeks understood how

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I’ve been diligently collecting information on vitamin D these past few months in order to better guide you with your health and fitness. Because in today’s landscape all you can do is inform yourself. And then it’s on you to follow through. To take care

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why cant i lose weight

Why can’t I lose weight?

In this post, I wanted to shift things up a bit. Make it more of a question and answer format… Question – What can I do to lose weight? My metabolism or my age or my hormones is why I can’t lose weight. Answer –

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