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Biggest Winner 22 Weight Loss Challenge

We’ve been running the 12 week weight loss challenge known as The Biggest Winner for 13 years now. With the guidance, structure and accountability from the BEFIT team, our focus is on applying nutrition, training, and weight loss principles consistently for 12 weeks amongst life’s

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Connect With Your Pain Points

As a fitness professional, I see this all the time… People don’t want help until they want help. And I can tell you factually what would be the best thing to do but it’ll be ineffective for the most part. That is until YOU want it. That

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In Pursuit of 10 Percent – The Biggest Winner 20

This past week marked the finale of our 20th Biggest Winner Weight Loss challenge. It’s Langley’s longest running weight loss challenge where everyone is in pursuit of 10 percent of their initial bodyweight in 12 weeks. And with the guidance, structure and accountability from the

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Thump Day Truth Talk

Have you ever heard anyone say something like: “If I really wanted to, I could do it” or “If I really wanted to be in shape I could” or “If I did this, I could do that” You ever heard that? Over the years I’ve

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The Next Step…

This message is relevant to us all, because everyone possesses a different skillset when it pertains to the different aspects of our lives. Some of us may have applied ourselves and put in the time and thoughtful practice in our business endeavours, our relationships, or

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#1 Reason For Choosing this Langley Gym

Your environment shapes you. It’s the #1 reason anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness should come to our Langley gym. Why? Because the hardest thing is getting yourself there. Once you show up, you don’t even have to worry about working hard, it

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