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Tracking equals Results.

If you aren’t tracking your BEFIT workouts how do you know you are making progress? Sure you can track progress with: How you look. How much you weigh. How your clothes fit and feel. But an amazing way of tracking and analyzing your progress is

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1 Story – 3 Metaphors – 3 Lessons

This post is a quick one for you today and the focus is on 3 observations that we can turn into lessons that can be applied to your life inside and outside the gym. Let’s go… So here’s the scenario. I noticed a member continually

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interested or committed

You Need To Ask Yourself This Question

ARE YOU INTERESTED OR COMMITTED? This was Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday and I was in Victoria in an ice bath an hour before it snowed. AKA I was working. Working on getting 1% better. Working on bringing down mental hurdles that could possibly stop me

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Is This Missing In Your Workouts?

The biggest thing missing in your workouts (and the 5 new rules of lifting) The more I help people with habits, the more I find it boils down to daily discipline and winning the day. If you win 6 days out of 7, odds are

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Biggest Winner 13

This past weekend marked the end of our 13th instalment of The Biggest Winner. The Biggest Winner is a 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge that focuses on building sustainable healthy habits for the long term. And I stress long term… Because rather than putting this

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fitness paradox

The Progressing In Your Fitness Paradox

We all know what a paradox is…. So I’ll save attempting to define it. But a Fitness Paradox you say… Yes, this is something I have seen over the years and thought it important enough to bring up in blog format, so let’s get after

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Your Movement Affects Everything

What do you want in life??? To feel better, look better naked, be more present, be healthier, sleep better… Those are pretty much everyones goals with their health and fitness pursuits, and I’m always thinking how can we move the needle forward for you in

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pain, gain, sustain

Pain, Gain, Sustain and Your Workouts

As a fitness professional, understanding energy system training is vital to your success with us in the gym. Because not everything should be about cardio or burning as many calories as possible in a workout! When I see you working out in the gym, I’m

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