5 levels of mindset

A Level Up Mindset Kinda Talk

When it comes to weight loss, it’s not just about the physical grind. Your mindset plays a huge role in your success… if not the most important! You may remember the hierarchy of fitness…. I spoke about this before here.  Mindset is the foundation of

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sample meal plan

Snack Attack Part 2 – Building a Meal Plan

If you didn’t get a chance, please read part 1 on snacking and weight loss before reading below. This post has been designed to build on the mentality of 3 meals per day focusing on nutrient quality. Now let’s breakdown how you can personalize your

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Snack Attack

I’m back with another hard-hitting truth bomb about mindset, your weight loss goals, and snacking. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Snacking is bad for you. Real bad. I know what you’re thinking. “Josh, what the heck are you talking about? Everyone snacks. Snacking is

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Connect With Your Pain Points

As a fitness professional, I see this all the time… People don’t want help until they want help. And I can tell you factually what would be the best thing to do but it’ll be ineffective for the most part. That is until YOU want it. That

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warm up

How We RAMP Up Your Warm Up

The warm up is underrated because it’s more than just General Physical Preparedness (GPP) which is your standard warmup including movements like spiderman, goalie stretch, and jumping jacks that will get you ready for a general workout. Warmup sets as a whole are also highly

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breathing, stress relief

Breathing and Stress Relief

Do you ever think about your breathing? It’s pretty important considering you can only survive without air for minutes, and that’s substantially less than the days you can survive without water or the weeks without food… Do you also need help with stress relief? Silly

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weight loss langley

The 21st Biggest Winner Challenge Recap

We’ve been running this weight loss challenge in Langley now since 2010. And as much as this is a 12 week weight loss challenge, we always remind our participants to focus on building sustainable healthy habits for the long term. Because rather than putting this

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BEFIT Weekly Program Design

The signature design of BEFIT weekly programming can accommodate a wide variety of schedules and welcomes new individuals to our gym without compromising the ability to land on a perfectly balanced training program – all within the week, the month, and the year. And although

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hierarchy of fitness

Redefining The Hierarchy of Fitness

Years ago I wrote about Redefining Langley Fitness with the Hierarchy of Fitness. Now over 5 years later, I feel that it’s time to redefine this hierarchy. See most things still hold true… Your mindset is still the foundation of your fitness success as you can

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