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Top 10 Exercises of 2022

I thought I’d put together an article of my 10 favourite exercises of 2022 that we are currently programming in the BEFIT workouts… After being in the gym training clients as well as being in the trenches training myself for so many years, I’ve learned

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Introducing STRENGTH and SWEAT

BEFIT is evolving again. Yes, with the COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve figured that pivoting on our model was necessary for at least the time being. So here’s the changes… There will be 2 options and 2 workouts to choose from in each timeslot. Strength. & Sweat.

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Why are you so afraid to suck?

Doesn’t it seem that everyone is so afraid to suck at things these days? With the social media eye on us all, it’s no wonder… So, I’m here to say, it’s no big deal. In fact, it’s a highly effective way of making progress as

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