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Breathing and Stress Relief

Do you ever think about your breathing? It’s pretty important considering you can only survive without air for minutes, and that’s substantially less than the days you can survive without water or the weeks without food… Do you also need help with stress relief? Silly

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BEFIT Weekly Program Design

The signature design of BEFIT weekly programming can accommodate a wide variety of schedules and welcomes new individuals to our gym without compromising the ability to land on a perfectly balanced training program – all within the week, the month, and the year. And although

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Are you tracking your workout stats? Do you know how much you can lift for different rep schemes? Do you know how long you can hold a movement? If the answer is no, then you’re leaving results on the gym floor by not writing down

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workout tracking, results, gym progressions

Tracking equals Results.

If you aren’t tracking your BEFIT workouts how do you know you are making progress? Sure you can track progress with: How you look. How much you weigh. How your clothes fit and feel. But an amazing way of tracking and analyzing your progress is

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pain, gain, sustain

Pain, Gain, Sustain and Your Workouts

As a fitness professional, understanding energy system training is vital to your success with us in the gym. Because not everything should be about cardio or burning as many calories as possible in a workout! When I see you working out in the gym, I’m

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The Hill

The late Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears, one of the best football players to ever play the game, had one of the most intense training regiments in all of competitive sports. Every day in his off-season he would come to a certain steep hill

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Fitness Tools – The Heart Rate Monitor

Hey guys, it’s Josh here, and today we have a guest post from one of our trainers who regularly dishes out the evening madness at our Langley Bootcamp….. Drumroll please….. Take it away, Rebecca! If there is one thing about fitness I have learned lately

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