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Top 10 Exercises of 2022

I thought I’d put together an article of my 10 favourite exercises of 2022 that we are currently programming in the BEFIT workouts… After being in the gym training clients as well as being in the trenches training myself for so many years, I’ve learned

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Religion, Politics, and Knees Over Toes

In the beginning… I grew up believing one thing about god, faith, and religion. But now I believe differently… I also used to support one political party but now I support another… And I used to tell people not to put their knees past their

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fitness paradox

The Progressing In Your Fitness Paradox

We all know what a paradox is…. So I’ll save attempting to define it. But a Fitness Paradox you say… Yes, this is something I have seen over the years and thought it important enough to bring up in blog format, so let’s get after

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pain, gain, sustain

Pain, Gain, Sustain and Your Workouts

As a fitness professional, understanding energy system training is vital to your success with us in the gym. Because not everything should be about cardio or burning as many calories as possible in a workout! When I see you working out in the gym, I’m

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You can’t just effort results in the gym

Is your increased effort in the gym not leading to increased results? Effort is always required to lose fat or build muscle, but focusing on effort alone is only going to lead to low energy levels, worn out joints, poor recovery and very little progress.

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High Intensity Hump Day (It’s Wednesday!)

Wednesday is one of those workouts that I’m excited yet nervous about… In fact, you may be standing around a little waiting for equipment at the beginning of the session. But that’s ok. You see, you will get maximum benefit from this bootcamp workout if

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Spy – A July 2016 Tuesday Bootcamp Production

This is one of those bootcamp workouts that is catered to the individuals who like a little variety in their workouts. Once again we see a circuit format where you are going from one exercise to the other. After hitting Monday’s finisher in a competitive manner,

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