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Biggest Winner 23 Weight Loss Challenge

This is the recap of our 23rd Biggest Winner 12 week weight loss challenge. Our participants are tasked with the goal of losing 10% of their initial bodyweight in 12 weeks. While this is a weight loss challenge and they are trying to lose the

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Best Gym in Langley 12 Years in a Row

Results or Excuses. This phrase has been on our wall since we moved into our current space in 2012. And as I’ve been saying going on 13+ years now, IT’S HOW BAD YOU WANT IT? Because if your health and fitness goal is important to you,

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In Pursuit of 10 Percent – The Biggest Winner 20

This past week marked the finale of our 20th Biggest Winner Weight Loss challenge. It’s Langley’s longest running weight loss challenge where everyone is in pursuit of 10 percent of their initial bodyweight in 12 weeks. And with the guidance, structure and accountability from the

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Introducing STRENGTH and SWEAT

BEFIT is evolving again. Yes, with the COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve figured that pivoting on our model was necessary for at least the time being. So here’s the changes… There will be 2 options and 2 workouts to choose from in each timeslot. Strength. & Sweat.

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The Scary Truth about Gyms in Langley

The big box gyms in Langley like Fitness World, Club 16 or Gold’s Gym are not in the gym business as though it might seem. They are actually in the advertising and selling memberships business with a goal of selling you a gym membership and

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The Workouts

It has unfortunately come to light that BEFIT workouts are being used at other gyms and by people not part of our community. As such, we will no longer be posting the workouts online. That doesn’t mean you won’t get access to our workouts. If

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$1000 and a New Blog

Hi all, This will be the last blog post on thebootcampeffect.com. For all new eye opening writings on fat loss, motivation, and bootcamp please visit Boot Camp U. Now let’s get to the good stuff as the results are in… The Bootcamp Charity Drive has

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And the Biggest Winner Is…

Whether it be her constant quest for knowledge or her relentless motor during exercise, Stacey epitomizes the attitude that equates to fat loss success. Despite having an injury that may relegate some to give up on exercise or never think about joining a bootcamp, Stacey

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Bootcamp Charity Drive

Hey guys, I need your help! I’ve always wanted to donate a nice sum of money to charity and am now in a position to be able to do that. So I’ve decided to TAKE ACTION. Here’s the plan… From (October 1st – October 31st) I’m

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