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The 21st Biggest Winner Challenge Recap

We’ve been running this weight loss challenge in Langley now since 2010. And as much as this is a 12 week weight loss challenge, we always remind our participants to focus on building sustainable healthy habits for the long term. Because rather than putting this

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In Pursuit of 10 Percent – The Biggest Winner 20

This past week marked the finale of our 20th Biggest Winner Weight Loss challenge. It’s Langley’s longest running weight loss challenge where everyone is in pursuit of 10 percent of their initial bodyweight in 12 weeks. And with the guidance, structure and accountability from the

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10 Years and Our Story

We just received word that BEFIT has once again been voted the best gym in Langley. That’s 10 years in a row folks. Thank you for being here and supporting us. We will continue to work alongside you everyday to improve with every facet of

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Why are you so afraid to suck?

Doesn’t it seem that everyone is so afraid to suck at things these days? With the social media eye on us all, it’s no wonder… So, I’m here to say, it’s no big deal. In fact, it’s a highly effective way of making progress as

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The Story of a Langley Fitness Blog

I’ve been writing health and fitness blogs for over 10 years now. And I’ve been strolling down memory lane over the past month as I’ve been curating the website. It’s been fun to go back and read these posts and it’s nice to see I’ve

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They Lost How Much Weight?

Saturday marked the end of the 14th edition of our Langley Weight Loss Challenge known as the Biggest Winner. So now what? First we check out some results! Our Female Winner was Bev!!! Here are a few words from Bev: “Signing up for this challenge

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Biggest Winner 13

This past weekend marked the end of our 13th instalment of The Biggest Winner. The Biggest Winner is a 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge that focuses on building sustainable healthy habits for the long term. And I stress long term… Because rather than putting this

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