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Best Gym in Langley 12 Years in a Row

Results or Excuses. This phrase has been on our wall since we moved into our current space in 2012. And as I’ve been saying going on 13+ years now, IT’S HOW BAD YOU WANT IT? Because if your health and fitness goal is important to you,

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BEFIT Yearly Program Design

Guidance, structure, and accountability define the value of BEFIT culture and programming. The BEFIT Training system is supported by well-documented science surrounding macrocycles, mesocycles, and microcycles (definition below). This enables us to deliver the diverse yet consistent training style for which we’re known for. Strength-bias

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Are You Intense Enough?

The person taking the most rest is most likely training with the most intensity. Didn’t think you’d ever hear that from a personal trainer did you? As your personal trainer, our role is to educate you on everything related to your health and fitness so

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Why are you so afraid to suck?

Doesn’t it seem that everyone is so afraid to suck at things these days? With the social media eye on us all, it’s no wonder… So, I’m here to say, it’s no big deal. In fact, it’s a highly effective way of making progress as

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