Calories – Your Biggest Fat Loss Mistake.

***A MUST READ from Karen for everyone (especially women)***

Hey guys,

Do you know how many calories you are eating daily?

Like seriously…do you really know?

A look at the calorie tracking app – “Lose it” (loseit.com) made it really evident to me how much more I should be stressing calories in/calories out with everyone.

Because I don’t feel I have been stressing it enough.

It is widely known that if you take in less calories than you expend you will lose weight. It is fundamentally what all the weight loss shows like the last 10lbs bootcamp and the biggest loser depend on to get such great results. You workout lots, you eat in the range of calories that you should be eating, and you get results.

If you’re a woman and reading this I can understand how hard it is for you to stay within this limit.

(Most women for fat loss should be eating between 1200-1500 calories per day).

That’s it. Keep in simple.

Now do that!

Do that as you tote the kids around from school, nibble on their crusts after they eat their sandwiches, take them to soccer practice, take them to dance, go to work, avoid the cookies being brought into the office, and cook the hubby what he wants for dinner….and then, as you finally, in a state of exhaustion hit the couch to watch some tv….hey, why not have a glass of wine and something sweet because it’s been a long day and you earned it.

So are you actually staying in the range of 1200-1500 calories per day while eating at least 100g of protein and around 50g of carbs?

If you are not getting results. You aren’t.

If a man eating a certain amount of calories per day consisting of twinkies for 2 months can lose 27lbs, it definitely sheds light on the calorie argument, and how you should be thinking more about this.

But please dont eat twinkies 🙂

There is way too much information overload out there right now.

So this is what you should do now:

  • Download the lose it app or your iphone, smart phone or computer.
  • Log everything you eat for a week (it’s really easy). The app will tell you how many calories you should be eating, and if you should be losing weight. Use the barcode scanner if possible, and get to know your measurements and serving sizes. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOUR SERVING SIZES ARE!!! Do you know how small 1 cup of cooked rice is? If not, you may be grossly underestimating how much food you are eating each day.
  • This app is going to show you that you can’t afford to screw up even once as IT WILL HAVE YOU CONSUMING TOO MANY CALORIES, and will show you how lean meats and vegetables are your best bet for staying under your limit.
  • That being said, don’t forget to take advantage of your cheat meal. I encourage you to indulge your cravings once per week. It’s just good for your sanity.
  • If you are hungry all the time, you need to start drinking more water – It will help fill you up.

So here’s a test…

This is a delicious way to start the day. A two egg omelet, 1/4 cup of sundried tomatoes (not in oil), 2 strips of bacon, and 1/4 cup of feta cheese. Cooked in a non stick pan with no added oil.

So is this healthy or not??

With the help of the “lose it” app, I was SHOCKED to see that this unassuming small, no hash browns, no toast, or pancake that you may order at breaky at the restaurant omelette is 635 calories. YES 635 CALORIES!!! That is absolutely ridiculous how high that is!

So food for thought… Next time you think your “making a healthy choice” or “eating pretty good”… You may be shocked to find out how many calories you are really consuming. 1200 to 1500 calories GOES FAST. So be informed, make yourself aware of everything you eat. Even 200 calories over your daily limit for fat los every day will cancel all your efforts to reaching your goals.

P.s. Make sure you scan the barcodes if possible, because this is what it may look like if you manually input the ingredients…That’s 300 calories difference. Make sure you know your serving sizes!

We’re here to help,

Karen Wright
The Bootcamp Effect