Bootcamp Workshop – Mastering the Deadlift

The deadlift has the ability to fix the back. Much like a vaccine is taken for a virus. Giving your body a dose of what you are weak at will improve your overall being.

And this pertains to all exercises, and any that you are weak at. These are the ones you need the most! If you can’t do a shoulder press because you have limited range of motion overhead, we need to work on getting you into that position with more mobility exercises. If you can’t squat low, we should work on getting you in that position. If an exercise is a weakness of yours. You need to improve it, as it will improve your overall fitness and make you better at the exercises you enjoy the most – and most importantly, make you feel and look better.

The Bootcamp Effect will begin offering workshops on different exercises, topics, and facets of the health and fitness industry to enhance your experience and results while working out with us. These workshops will be limited in size to 8 participants so that you can get more hands on coaching.

With regards to our first workshop, Mastering the Deadlift, this workshop is designed for any bootcamp member wanting to fine tune their form, is concerned with back pain while deadlifting, or is new to the exercise.

Fee for this workshop is $12.50 + tax and it takes place on Saturday April 25th at 11:15am

You can register by clicking here:

Note: you will be redirected once you click on this link – once you select the check-out option, put in your name under the new to our site header, it will show that you are already in our system, click on the this is me option and follow the prompts. If you have trouble signing up, please email us to register.

Here is the breakdown of what we will be covering.

  • review hip hinge and bracing sequence
  • trap bar regression
  • finding a neutral spine throughout the movement
  • bracing sequence when you approach the bar
  • ascending warmup sets with video feedback
  • work to a heavy 5 rep deadlift using linear progressions
  • understanding of rep schemes and how much you should lift based on your 5 rep max
  • provided a training load table

Speaking of a training load table here’s one for your reference.

training load table

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS, CF-1
The Bootcamp Effect