Bootcamp Workouts, Intensity, and Consistency

After our personal trainers’ meeting this month, we came to the consensus that March’s workouts are pretty tough.

After all, we did call it MARCH MUSCLE MADNESS!!!

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Yes, Bootcamp Effect workouts are tough.

But we don’t want them to be ridiculously tough for you. Just the right amount of tough wherever you are on your fitness journey. (And thus the 3 levels in each session for you to choose from).

The workout of the day can be looked at as an attainable daily challenge, but when combined with the other workouts in the week, you may feel the compounded effects of previous workouts and going all out, day in day out might not be the best choice for you.

You may find you’re no longer able to hit every workout fresh like you did on Monday, and you may be hard on yourself because of this and…

And the thing is, when it comes to this fitness, weight loss, muscle building thing…

Consistency is most important.

Time under tension aka (time under the weights), lifting them daily is most important.

So this post is just here to remind you that you don’t have to kill it (or yourself) everyday.

This post is to remind you that are allowed to give yourself permission to go 50, 60, 70, 80% in some workouts if you are not feeling great or feeling tight – but that you should still attend the session and keep consistent because just showing up is sometimes the victory we need that day.

Yes, there are times to go 100%.

And by listening to your body and keeping up with mobility,  you’ll find that you will have more opportunities to 100% your workouts.


I have been participating in Bootcamp Effect workout 5 + times / week for over 3 years. Void of a week vacation here or there. I never miss workouts.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Monday – I’m fresh. I tend to do more pre workout mobility if I’m stiff from inactivity over the weekend. I give 100% in the Monday workout.
  • Tuesday – 100% – Tuesday/Friday are the 2 days of the week where I will scrape myself off the floor if I have to. I enjoy training upper body more than lower body and thus like to push myself to the brink of what I am capable of on these days. I’ve also noticed over the years, that I use Monday to get my momentum back for the week and just getting that workout in on Monday (Monday is my busiest day of the week at work), is a success. By the way… NEVER MISS A MONDAY!
  • Wednesday – Depending on soreness level and how I feel/ what the workout is, I might take this workout easier, or do the fitness or fundamental workout on some exercises. I just gauge how I feel after the warmup and my pre-mobs and go from there!!!! I always do more mobility this day to make up for the lack of intensity in the workout.
  • Thursday – 100% effort. Did I mention I do mobility as well!?
  • Friday – 100% effort with targeted upper body mobility.
  • Saturday – may take a rest day if overly sore or take it easy if not feeling great.  If feeling good I’m going 90-100% again. I have noticed that a pace of 100% in consecutive workouts can not be kept up if not being diligent with mobility 10 + minutes/day
  • Sunday – rest day.

This is how you can maintain 5 days + per week for years while getting results.

Listen to your body. Feel muscle soreness – not joint soreness. Keep our team of trainers in the loop of how you are feeling each day so we can modify for you.

Consistency trumps intensity.

And the best ability is availability.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect

Looking forward to your progress this March!