Bootcamp Hierarchy of Fat Loss

So you have your mindset dialed in, you’re eating consistently less calories than your body needs and you’re eating real, whole foods void of toxins. Now, here’s where we discuss the training aspect of fat loss that will get you the body you want!

With most people, I think you’ll agree what you are most limited on is time. You have busy schedules and want the best. I am about to give it you. Most of us can only train three to four times per week. So how do you maximize fat loss in that time?

Before I go on, I would like to let you know that the information presented is my opinion based on years of training experience, communication with the best professionals in the fitness training field, and an insane desire to better myself and improve the rate and magnitude of my bootcamp members results (It is 12:30am as I write this).

So, let’s look at the hierarchy of fat loss.


1. As you can see, correct nutrition is most important. It’s so important in fact, that it is repeated. So get your mindset dialed in and eat better. Nutrition and mindset to me are analogous. Because if you want to be mentally tough, stick to a great nutrition plan of real foods for an extended period of time, because that’s more mentally challenging than anything else! If you can dial this in, you can do anything that follows… (wait, you already do this at bootcamp)…

2. Metabolic Resistance Training

This is the most important thing we can do in the gym and is the type of training that burns calories, elevates metabolism, maintains and promotes muscle.

The majority of the calories that you burn will be determined by your resting metabolic rate. But the more muscle you have, the harder you can work out and the more calories you can burn. Your resting metabolic rate is largely a function of how much muscle you have on your body and how hard it works. Therefore adding activities that promote or maintain muscle mass will elevate your resting metabolic rate.

This type of training is done in a superset (back to back), tri-set (back to back to back), and circuit format in a rep range that generates lactic acid (lactic acid is generated around 1 minute of exercise at a high intensity. My preferred rep range for this is 6-12 reps. Although if you are a beginner you can lift a little lighter while you master technique.

These days are typically Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday at bootcamp.

3. High Intensity Interval anaerobic training

These are cardio exercises that burn calories and elevate metabolism. These are your quick bursts of exercise – sled pushes, sprints, high knees, burpees. They burn a lot of calories and increase EPOC. EPOC (Exercise post oxygen consumption) happens after intense exercise and your metabolism can be raised for up to 48 hours after a workout, which will keep you burning more calories after the workout. These intervals are hard to do, and you need to do them! Interval training will make you lose much more fat than training at a constant pace. You need to push yourself to make it anaerobic. Anaerobic means no oxygen – these are quick bouts of exercise 5-20 seconds in duration. You should be out of breath everytime you do these exercises!

These days are typically Wednesday – Saturday at bootcamp

In my experience, many individuals do not push themselves hard enough to put themselves in the above 2 categories. The workouts are designed for you to be in these 2 zones. Do not try to conserve energy for the entirety of a workout. It is way more beneficial if you perform MRT or HIIT for 10 minutes than steady state aerobic training for 1 hour.

4. High intensity aerobic training

This is a lower intensity (easier pace) using intervals. An example of this is when you are doing an interval on the bike and not going your hardest. It’s not raising your EPOC, but it is burning calories. I suggest reaching in that back pocket and digging deeper. If you are doing interval training and not gasping for air, then it is in this zone. If you are serious about your results. This is not good enough.

5. Low intensity aerobic training

This is just cardio work at a constant pace. Like riding a bike for 60 minutes without switching gears or running or walking for 60 minutes. The definition of aerobic training is that it is with oxygen, meaning you don’t have to stop and can maintain this pace because your body can sufficiently supply oxygen to you while you workout. If you workout harder and can’t maintain the pace you move up into #3.

Now let’s wrap it up into a bootcamp package…

We need to look at training in an efficient manner and the best use of your time…

If you have 3 hours per week – you should attend the workouts that are building muscle…
Be smart. Do the minimum effective dose and do dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, med ball, band and bodyweight complexes with supersets, trisets, circuits, escalating density work

If you have 3-5 hours of week you need to be doing MRT plus HIIT – anaerobic…All workouts are anaerobic intervals. Take a day off if you feel too sore or need to recover from a previous workout. It’s hard to go all out everyday like this!

If you have 6-7 hours a week…
Put the aerobic intervals in there over steady state because it is higher intensity. You can do an extra session on Wednesday or Saturday and go easier or you can come on Monday, Tuesday, Thurday, Friday and do some extra cardio.

If you have more time than that…
Add in 1 long easy cardio exercise – I would just do one run instead of maxing it out as too much will negatively impact the intensity of your MRT workouts which are your priority.

And more time?…
Just move and enjoy life to burn additional calories, nothing should be strenuous play some tennis, basketball, frolic by the pool, walk the dog, go dancing.

If you are not losing fat based on this hiearchy. I would look to see if you are neglecting proper nutrition and proper sleep which is negatively affecting your hormone balance and supercedes all training for fat loss. Are you eating something like dairy which is an allergen to you? Do you have phlegm or congestion constantly?? Think about these things…

To sum it up: you will get better results with harder training. It is really that simple. So when I said that mindset is #1. I really meant it. Mindset and mental toughness will make the rest of the pyramid fall in place. And let’s be honest if you can’t find 5 hours out of a week of 168 hours, you really are just making excuses aren’t you?

And you’ve read that saying on the wall at the gym.

Results or Excuses, not both.

Get here 5 days per week.
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect