Bootcamp For A Clause Supporting the Langley Christmas Bureau

befit group picture, befit gym

Yesterday marked the 8th year that BEFIT has held a charity bootcamp supporting the Langley Christmas Bureau.

As always each year I am humbled by your generosity, work ethic, and spirit.

Thanks to you we raised $1875. An amount that will go towards making this an amazing Christmas for a local Langley family in need.

So here’s the stats for our 8th annual charity bootcamp:

  • 1 workout
  • 78 people
  • $1875 raised
  • 2373 calories rowed in 2 minutesrowing

As a gym, as a community, it’s what we do.

befit group picture, befit gym

I’m proud to see the impact that this gym is making in our community. More than just a gym, a vehicle for change.

It’s not only just about changing bodies, but our lifestyles, our mindsets… creating new relationships, affecting others positively… no more highlighted by your generosity today.

Before we hit you with some pics and stats on the workout, I would like to thank all of our generous sponsors who provided giveaways for our event:

  • Fluid Juice Bar
  • Buy-Low Foods
  • Roadrunner Cafe
  • Townhall
  • Flaman Fitness
  • Sammy J’s Grill & Bar
  • Twin Rinks Physio
  • Fitness Town
  • KPMG
  • My Chiropractor
  • Camp Beer Co
  • And our very own Maxine Sims, Mike Conway, and Nicole Brier

I’ve been a customer of many of these local Langley businesses for years. If you need a recommendation for a physio, breakfast place, chiropractor, fitness store, juice bar, etc. here is mine.

Now… we also had a workout to do… And with a workout named “Bootcamp for a Clause” we had some work to do! The workout was a team workout with a goal of getting the most reps as a team through 11 exercises. Teams were maxed out at 10, some teams had a few less individuals putting them at a little bit of a disadvantage for getting the most reps, but this was a workout for charity combining experienced befit members with their friends and family, so we were putting first things first.

Here’s the workout stats including top performers in each exercise:
(You can click on the link to view the spreadsheet)

workout stats

Of note:

  • Team 2 had 9 members – every person on their team did a 2 minute plank (they were the only team to do that, yet they came in 4th on the plank)
  • Team 5 was missing one of their team mates for 4 of the exercises
  • Team 8 had 8 members and was missing one of their team mates for 3 exercises

Now here’s a look at our amazing teams:

Team 1Team 1 - charity bootcamp for the langley christmas bureau

Team 2 – “More Cow Bell”
team 2 charity bootcamp
Team 3
Team 3 charity bootcamp
Team 4
team 4 charity bootcamp

Team 5
team 5 charity bootcamp

Team 6
team 6 langley christmas bureau bootcamp

Team 7
team 7 langley charity bootcamp

Team 8
team 8 langley christmas bureau charity bootcamp

Want to see more pictures from the event? Head over to our facebook page to see them all!

Thanks again and happy holidays,
Josh Saunders