Bootcamp Effect Your Goal

Mt. May

Yes. That is what awaits you this May. But, this shouldn’t be anything for you to be afraid of. We all climb our own personal mountains don’t we… Whether it be the mountain of a college degree, the corporate ladder, raising a child or those 30lbs to lose, we are all accustomed veterans of the climb.

So with this…

I point your attention towards our wall…

BE inspired….
bootcamp inspiration

Hopefully amongst the chaos, you found some words to inspire you to go higher than you dare thought you could.

And just as inspiration and motivation needs to be a daily dose, I would like to point you towards our new wall.

A new source of inspiration.

BE your goal.

Those mountains can seem endless if you can’t see the peak.

So I ask you for your excellence and personal growth, please write down the following.

Your goal / Your name / the date you will achieve this.

When you achieve your goal please put a line through it to put an exclamation point on your achievement, and then write down another goal.

This will enable The Bootcamp Effect coaches and family to see your goal daily and give you that little bit extra so you can travel that little bit farther!!!

Please write small, so we can fit a lot of bootcamp goals on there.

And oh ya…

To help you with your journey, The Bootcamp Effect is happy to test out a new timeslot for the month of May….

1pm Monday – Wednesday – Friday

And you will also notice more equipment in the gym lately… more equipment to support your growth and development as well as the gym’s ever growing family.

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect

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