Your Movement Affects Everything

What do you want in life??? To feel better, look better naked, be more present, be healthier, sleep better… Those are pretty much everyones goals with their health and fitness pursuits, and I’m always thinking how can we move the

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pain, gain, sustain

Pain, Gain, Sustain and Your Workouts

As a fitness professional, understanding energy system training is vital to your success with us in the gym. Because not everything should be about cardio or burning as many calories as possible in a workout! When I see you working

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langley weight loss challenge, 12 week challenge

Biggest Winner 12

This past weekend marked the finale of BEFIT’s 12th instalment of the 12 week weight loss challenge known as The Biggest Winner. And with this challenge, we stressed mindset. BECAUSE mindset is everything. It is the base of your fitness

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langley gym, langley fitness, tribe of mentors questions

Tribe of Mentors Questions

Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 hour work week and the 4 hour body has written his latest book “Tribe of Mentors” in which he asks just 11 questions to the world’s best in different facets of life to look

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The Biggest Winner Season 11 Results

The Biggest Winner Season 11 – Langley Weight Loss Challenge Another 12 week instalment is in the books for The Biggest Winner. And with this challenge we put our participants to the test… The challenge should they choose to accept

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langley womens weight loss, langley fat loss, langley weight loss, weight loss female, women losing weight, fat loss, weight loss challenge, weight loss goal

Langley Women’s Weight Loss Infographic

Weight loss is most women’s goal when attending a Langley gym or fitness centre. And although there are many effective weight loss and personal training platforms, it is the nutritional component where most fall short. So I put together an

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Protein or Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes are everywhere in our society these days. And why not!? They’re a fast, convenient, and delicious way of getting some additional protein in our day. But the thing is, if you have a fat loss goal… they’re probably

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