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Top 10 Exercises of 2022

I thought I’d put together an article of my 10 favourite exercises of 2022 that we are currently programming in the BEFIT workouts… After being in the gym training clients as well as being in the trenches training myself for

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Nutrition, Numbers & Protein

Nutrition is complicated. But it can be simplified. Here’s where I would start with your nutrition if your someone that works well with numbers. Start with Protein Protein in Greek means of first importance. Let that marinate for a second…

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Retro Remix of a Sweat Workout

Today’s SWEAT workout takes me back… Back to a time around 8 years ago when BEFIT was called The Bootcamp Effect and we had 2 levels of workouts on a small whiteboard with wheels (which actually divided the gym for

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Gyms in BC have once again been given the GREENLIGHT to open. >>We KNOW that we are a part of the SOLUTION and not a part of the PROBLEM. >>We KNOW that our member’s MENTAL HEALTH improves with each visit

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It’s Not Just a Warmup

We here at BEFIT take your warmup very seriously. Where most trainers or group fitness gyms may downplay the impact that a carefully crafted warmup may create, the team at BEFIT understands that this is the time where our coaching

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10 Years and Our Story

We just received word that BEFIT has once again been voted the best gym in Langley. That’s 10 years in a row folks. Thank you for being here and supporting us. We will continue to work alongside you everyday to

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Are you tracking your workout stats? Do you know how much you can lift for different rep schemes? Do you know how long you can hold a movement? If the answer is no, then you’re leaving results on the gym

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Open Gym

In light of the provincial notice suspending any indoor group physical activity, we want to be extra diligent that we are conforming to the guidelines moving forward. As stated on the province wide restrictions, gyms and recreation facilities that offer

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I’ve been diligently collecting information on vitamin D these past few months in order to better guide you with your health and fitness. Because in today’s landscape all you can do is inform yourself. And then it’s on you to

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Thump Day Truth Talk

Have you ever heard anyone say something like: “If I really wanted to, I could do it” or “If I really wanted to be in shape I could” or “If I did this, I could do that” You ever heard

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Never Miss A Challenge…

The last few months can probably be summed up by one word: Challenge Now that we are back in the gym, I wanted to take this time to reinforce the message that I have been repeating as of late. That

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COVID-19 Gym Reopening Protocol

For an updated post on November 24th, 2020 regarding our Covid Safety Plan and transition to an Open Gym please click here As gyms and fitness studios in BC are given the green light from government officials to open back

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Why can’t I lose weight?

In this post, I wanted to shift things up a bit. Make it more of a question and answer format… Question – What can I do to lose weight? My metabolism or my age or my hormones is why I

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The Next Step…

This message is relevant to us all, because everyone possesses a different skillset when it pertains to the different aspects of our lives. Some of us may have applied ourselves and put in the time and thoughtful practice in our

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