Thump Day Truth Talk

Have you ever heard anyone say something like: “If I really wanted to, I could do it” or “If I really wanted to be in shape I could” or “If I did this, I could do that” You ever heard

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Never Miss A Challenge…

The last few months can probably be summed up by one word: Challenge Now that we are back in the gym, I wanted to take this time to reinforce the message that I have been repeating as of late. That

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COVID-19 Gym Reopening Protocol

For an updated post on November 24th, 2020 regarding our Covid Safety Plan and transition to an Open Gym please click here As gyms and fitness studios in BC are given the green light from government officials to open back

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why cant i lose weight

Why can’t I lose weight?

In this post, I wanted to shift things up a bit. Make it more of a question and answer format… Question – What can I do to lose weight? My metabolism or my age or my hormones is why I

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The Next Step…

This message is relevant to us all, because everyone possesses a different skillset when it pertains to the different aspects of our lives. Some of us may have applied ourselves and put in the time and thoughtful practice in our

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Why are you so afraid to suck?

Doesn’t it seem that everyone is so afraid to suck at things these days? With the social media eye on us all, it’s no wonder… So, I’m here to say, it’s no big deal. In fact, it’s a highly effective

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The Story of a Langley Fitness Blog

I’ve been writing health and fitness blogs for over 10 years now. And I’ve been strolling down memory lane over the past month as I’ve been curating the website. It’s been fun to go back and read these posts and

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The Scary Truth about Gyms in Langley

The big box gyms in Langley like Fitness World, Club 16 or Gold’s Gym are not in the gym business as though it might seem. They are actually in the advertising and selling memberships business with a goal of selling

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#1 Reason For Choosing this Langley Gym

Your environment shapes you. It’s the #1 reason anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness should come to our Langley gym. Why? Because the hardest thing is getting yourself there. Once you show up, you don’t even have to

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optmized nutrition, nutrition, health

The Beginning of Our Optimized BEing

It’s been said that “we’re stressed out, high on caffeine, depressed with too many obligations seeking the holy grail or magic bullet solution to any and all of our issues.” Wow, that’s a mouthful. With that much stress in our

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They Lost How Much Weight?

Saturday marked the end of the 14th edition of our Langley Weight Loss Challenge known as the Biggest Winner. So now what? First we check out some results! Our Female Winner was Bev!!! Here are a few words from Bev:

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Tracking equals Results.

If you aren’t tracking your BEFIT workouts how do you know you are making progress? Sure you can track progress with: How you look. How much you weigh. How your clothes fit and feel. But an amazing way of tracking

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