Bicep Curls are for Girls

Why choose The Bootcamp Effect?

If you haven’t already jumped onboard Langley’s best group training bootcamp, I’m going to give you a reason why…. and it has to do with bicep curls.

Yes, bicep curls. You see, in most fitness populations, we shouldn’t be doing bicep curls.

Arnold would be sad.

Now, if you ever find yourself doing bicep curls, you should question your bootcamp or personal trainer why?!!!!

See, the majority of the poplulation shows signs of short pec minor (chest), internal rotators (shoulders), biceps, and weak scapula retractors (back muscles).

And sadly, pumping the guns tends to further increase this.

See a trainer should never implement an exercise without giving you concrete unsubstantiated proof why.

Lots of personal trainers will want to toss together and show off these sexy exercises that they saw in a book or on youtube without any basis for incorporation. But there has to be a method to the madness!!!!

For me, I have always struggled with having crunches in any bootcamp workout for this same reason! (There are better ways at strengthening the core that don’t put you in flexion of the back aka recreating bad habits…we need to stand tall!)

And now after some research, and due dilligence, I can comfortably say that I have enough exercises in my arsenal to say goodbye to crunches. That’s not to say , you wont have a swiss ball situp… I love those becuase of the range of motion incorporated and the difficulty involved in doing a solid 10 repetitions. (And you may see the occasional crunch in an ab finisher set)…

And back to the biceps…

You may say, Josh, now i’ve been doing bicep curls at the bootcamp.

Here’s my answer why you do bicep curls:

This exercise is a great teacher of scapular retraction (squeezing the shoulder blades together). And this is something almost everyone needs a little work on . Because it seems no one can escape the computer, car, or couch these days. The worst things to happen to your body in the last 50 years!!! And a body that does not know how to pull the shoulders in their proper alignment by putting their shoulder blades in their back pocket, is a shoulder that is exposing itself to potential injury and chronic pain. (And I have experienced this first hand).

So listen to those cues of squeeze your shoulders together, get your elbows back!!!

And you know, it doesnt hurt that we are multitasking while doing this and adding lean muscle to our frames.

So if you ever see Kurt, Krystine, or myself say shoulder blades in your back pocket.

You’ll now know why.

Because we think about every movement you are going to do while working out with us.

Thinking outside the box to keep your exercise safe, results driven, and fun,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect

Ya, you better like that 😉