Taking it to the next level.

It takes a lot to become that bod on the beach, an obsession, almost borderline vanity. The commitment to take your performance to the next level from good to amazing and record breaking is a life changing commitment. A priority among priorities.

There is being pushed and there is the inner desire to be the best, push yourself and to push the rest.

To be comfortably uncomfortable in the pain cave, to push your mental and physical limits, to know what 100% is… You will need to find your grrr, your war cry, your inner fire. Sculpting that physique to your full genetic potential will be an all out war on all that you are.

Pause for effect. . . .

In order to bring this out of you and unlock your true potential, this Langley Bootcamp will be offering a new program for you to progress into starting in September.

Bootcamp Elite aka BEfit

A performance and competitive based program for the more advanced and experienced bootcamp member.

These workouts will run in all timeslots concurrently with The Bootcamp Effect workouts. Anyone is welcome to attempt these workouts, but there is no pressure for you to ever attempt them! Safety will be key! The BEfit workouts will be integrated with our regular bootcamp program. Everyone will be sharing the same space, the same experience, and the same energy. Everyone a part of this BE community, celebrating similar successes and providing support for one another despite the differences in needs and abilities. This is invaluable, and this is what makes The Bootcamp Effect unique.

As for if you feel you should do these workout… I see them for a small percentage of our 200+ members, but I will leave that decision to you. Your trainers are trained to provide appropriate modifications, and thus may suggest for you to do the bootcamp workouts if we feel the BEfit workout is not the best fit for you. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that empowers you to make good choices. You will see quickly if you are lacking mobility and joint stability for the BEfit workouts. We want this to happen. We want you to focus on getting more flexible, so that you can do amazing things longterm.

One more thing, if a workout looks intimidating, or if you’re not sure how to modify a movement, just let us know. That’s why we’re here. And most importantly, know that you can always modify movements, reps, etc…to make sure the workout suits YOUR needs and abilities.

But only if you are giving your best.


Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect