BEFIT Fitness Combine

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The BEFIT FITNESS COMBINE is a performance-driven event held twice per year to show you just how strong you’ve gotten since training with us through a series of events that measure strength, power, athleticism, and endurance.

We will be testing these every 6 months starting this Saturday March 25th @11:30am

This is a members only event and complimentary to all BEFIT and LVFIT members and will give you a chance to see where you’re at in a variety of movements providing a benchmark of your current fitness level and an opportunity for you to compare your metrics over time.

Don’t overthink it. If you can make it, come out, have fun, and use this time to establish a benchmark of your current fitness level.

Sign up is at the front desk (so we have an idea of numbers), but you are welcome to show up for the  combine that day if you forget to show up. The more people the better!

Here’s what you can expect to see at the Fitness Combine (and what we’re measuring):

    This test measures athleticism, as it is a showcase of how fluidly you can move your body from the floor to a jump at speed as well as perform double unders which measure balance, accuracy, and coordination. We want to encourage anyone who can do a double under to try this with double unders. Of course, if you haven’t quite mastered this exercise, you will be able to do skipping reps at a 2x multiple (30 skips), and burpees can be modified to no pushup or even elevated – depending on how you are training them in the gym.
    This test measures upper body pulling strength endurance. You’ll have 1 set to do as many reps as you can in a row. Your chest must touch the bar on every rep. If you can’t do this with your legs straight and feet elevated on a box, there will be options for you to modify so that you can gauge your progress next time.
    Come ready to load and explode. This test measures your horizontal jump prowess and explosiveness. Your score is your maximum distance in feet and inches jumped in your best of three attempts.
    This test measures pure strength through the lower body as well as symmetry and balance. You’ll have 10 minutes to build up to the heaviest 5 rep split squat with your back knee touching an abmat on every rep. You’ll use dumbbells up to 100lbs and progress to barbell on back if that is too light.
    This element of the combine tests pure upper body pushing strength. You’ll have 1 attempt at getting as many reps as you can at 1 of 2 options on a barbell bench press:
    For men: 185lbs or 135lbs
    For women: 95lbs or 65lbs
    Don’t worry you’ll have a chance to warmup with a few lighter weights if you need it and range of motion can be modified if you’re battling any shoulder issues.
    Testing endurance, it’ll take most people roughly 2 minutes, but that’s long enough so that you can’t just blast away full speed from the start. Drag factor will be set to 7 for all rowers.
    There’s a reason why this is the last test of the day. It’s everything you’ve got until you complete 30 calories for men or 24 calories for women. Can you complete this in under a minute?

All movements must be performed with efficiency and in line with our standards for your reps to count toward your score.

Modifications will be provided for any exercise that someone can’t do pain free. This will be a safe and controlled setting with plenty of time between your movements.

For best results, do not workout on Saturday morning prior to the combine.

The warmup will start at 11:30am with the estimated time of this event being approximately 1.5 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!

Kind regards,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS