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I’m pleased to announce that effective Saturday, The Bootcamp Effect will be known as BEFIT.

befit, langley, langley bootcamp

Yes, The Bootcamp Effect is all about change. It is an encompassing statement about changing bodies, changing mindsets, and changing lives thru fitness. It was a statement about what could happen if you committed yourself to our bootcamp in Langley.

So, it was only fitting that The Bootcamp Effect itself would change…

langley, befit, langley bootcamp, bootcamp

(After all, there’s been clues right in front of us the whole time).

As in 7.5 years, we really have grown into something much more than just a bootcamp.

Because when most people think of bootcamps they think of this..

bootcamp, langley, langley bootcamp

or this..

Drill Sergant_Blog Image

Yes, we don’t train people part time between jobs. We are professional fitness coaches.

This is what we do. This is our life.

We are intellectually involved with your training and conscientiously gathering data on you whenever you walk through our doors. We can see which muscles are strong, which are weak. We analyze your body language when you train to see if you are in pain, stressed, or fatigued. We go the extra mile in our education, program design, modifications and nutrition.

We don’t do fast food training. You can survive on Burger King, but it’s not optimal long term for your health and results.

We are not babysitters for you to train with weights. We are professional coaches, raising the bar for others in the industry, and innovating group fitness program design.

It’s how we’ve been voted Langley’s favourite personal trainers and high performance gym multiple years in a row.

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Yes, I’ve always said that our goal is to provide that group personal training experience. And moving forward, you will see the phrase PERSONALIZED GROUP TRAINING in the forefront of our branding as an attempt to further personalize the 3 levels, your mobility, and your nutrition to where YOU are on the your health and fitness journey.

Because everyone is at a different point on this continuum below.

langley, langley bootcamp, health, wellness, health and wellness

BEFIT is ultimately short for Bootcamp Effect Fitness.

– Our name still remains a statement. Instead of The Bootcamp Effect (which describes the result), we are now BEFIT (the action to attain it).

And yes, it works well with memes…
– Results or Excuses. Not both. BEFIT.
– BE all that you can BE.
– Just BEFIT.
Because BEFIT is BEing that person who’s lifestyle is FITness.

It’s a way of life. Our way of life.

It’s adopting a health and fitness LIFESTYLE that consistently builds STRENGTH and ultimately yields PERFORMANCE.

Or expressed another way:

langley bootcamp, gym, fitness, hierarchy of fitness

You’ll even notice in our tagline, the word PERFORMANCE has an A symbolizing the top of this pyramid.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 9.37.13 AM

To BEFIT is the ultimate goal. It’s to do whatever task you face in life.

To squat, pull-up, rock that bikini at the beach, BE the best that we can BE.

And was this really even a question…

To BEFIT or not to be?

You know where I stand.

Committed to your constant change,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
Lifestyle. Strength. Performance

P.s. Our website www.thebootcampeffect.com and contact info 778-552-4918 will remain the same and for legal purposes, the company name will remain Josh Saunders Fitness Inc. dba The Bootcamp Effect on legal documents.