BE Obsessed or BE Average

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be obsessed or be average

If you want the kind of success that you see on tv, facebook or on instagram. There needs to be a level of obsession driving you.

  • The type of obsession that has you planning out your bootcamp workouts for the week.
  • The type of obsession that has you planning your nutrition for the day.
  • The type of obsesession that has you planning your short term goals for the month
  • And your long term goals for the year.

Because if you are not growing in your health and fitness endeavors, then you really aren’t making the most of your time now are you?

Now I completely get if you are stressed out from life, work, kids, spouse, and just getting to the gym right now 3x/week is an achievement for you.

I applaud you for getting it in, and putting everyone first before you.

This blog post isn’t for you right now. You are doing what you can. This blog is for the people that have the time, are putting in the workouts, but not fully committing to the process and the lifestyle of health and fitness.

Let’s be honest though, maybe obsessed is the wrong word…

Thorough comes to mind as being a more appropriate description.

BE thorough or BE average.


  • BE thorough in your mobility so that you have the range of motion to do every exercise at a high intensity void of fear of tightness or injury.
  • BE thorough in your thought about nutrition. If you know you are not going to eat healthy on Saturday night, eat healthier throughout the week. Keep your carbs low and your protein high to balance out your lifestyle.
  • BE thorough in your pre-workout mobility. I posted exercises to do before every session. Are you doing them?
  • BE thorough in your workout mentality. Do you know what you lifted week for that set of split squats for 10? Are you trying to improve by 5-10% this week because that weight felt doable?
  • BE thorough in your understanding of what muscles are working in what exercises. Our personal training coaches at Bootcamp Effect are always trying to educate our members with what to do in most exercises and what muscles are the prime movers. Have you been paying attention?
  • BE thorough in your mindset before each rep. Are you going through that checklist in your head? Butt tight, core tight (ribs down), shoulders down and back (as if you were holding a pencil between your shoulder blades)?
  • BE thorough in your thought process regarding your goal. Do you really want to achieve this. Will you push through discomfort because it really matters to you?

It’s like this in anything. Just showing up is half the battle. That will make you average. It’s what you do while you are here AND the prep work you do outside of the workouts in the gym and kitchen that will make you extraordinary.

Every decision. Inch by inch. Greatness is attainable. So Choose to BE Great!

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect
Langley’s Best in Fitness