BE Nutrition: Part 2 – Cell Yourself

Hey guys,

This is part 2 in the series to end all questions about healthy nutrition… better known as BE Nutrition. This post has a few gems hidden amongst the scientific babble so stay frosty.

If you did not get a chance, please check out part 1 here.

And without any further adieu, I give to you….

Part 2.

Your body is an amazing adaptive machine. And it will react to whatever stimulus you throw at it. If you hang out with bad posture all day, your back will hurt, if you eat toxins all day, you will feel toxic….

To go even deeper…
Your body and the way you lose weight is dependent on the cells in your body. These 100 trillion or so cells collectively determine your metabolism.
They need to be healthy and working in harmony.
You know I have preached about the importance of protein, well; the cells comprise proteins which are the reason nearly everything happens in the body – either by the production and or function of proteins that are produced.

Now let’s talk about what happens to the food you eat!

It is taken up into our cells and does one of the following:

  • provide energy (for all activities from sleeping to the gym)
  • provide raw materials incorporated into our body’s structure (building muscle or building fat)
  • acts as co-factors for chemical reactions in the body – all the reactions in your body require enzymes (which are also proteins). Did I ask you yet if you are you getting enough protein yet? 😉
  • stimulates the release of hormones, which controls overall body functions (seems pretty important doesn’t it!)

So what have you been putting in your body???

You can see IF YOU ARE NOT eating nutrient rich foods containing vitamins and minerals how the food you eat will most likely not help stimulate the release of hormones, act as enzymes in reactions, or be incorporated into your body for building lean protein. It will do none of that good stuff that will make you a more efficient fat burning machine! Nope, most likely, this food will be used as raw materials for your body’s structure. And oh ya, by that I mean fat!

We all process food a little bit differently based on our genetic makeup, so you really need to hold yourself accountable and see if your choices are progressing you in the direction you want to go. Before you look any further into that statement, remember, good nutrition is good nutrition, and it is honest and outcome based.

Here’s a few of the right choices that will contribute towards a good outcome:

  • Omega 3’s Fat loss free for all…Why?
    They increase fat breakdown in the body through organelles called peroxisomes. Essentially, you burn more to do the same daily activities if you are powered by omega 3’s.
  • Nuts, greens, and fish make the cell, it makes the membrane more fluid…Why?
    If your diet is full of cheese and cookies then your cell membrane is rigid, and has a high resistance to insulin (type 2 diabetes)… Your cell membranes are made up of fat, so feed your body with healthy fats!

Your cells are your metabolism. Give them the good stuff!

Stay clean,

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect