BE Hungry

fat loss

You are amazing. You are capable of great things. You need to believe this.

So why don’t you believe this?

I see people with mental set backs and mental blocks stopping them from pushing forward in their goals

Step up and take what is yours!

If you want to be great, everything with your health and fitness has to be great. Fix your head. Fix whatever road block or mental setback is stopping you from being the grandest version of the greatest vision of you. If you have 10 burpees to do do them as fast as you can. Be the person to set the bar.

You can do this. Anyone can.

You’ll need to….

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Be prepared in life. Come in 10 minutes early foam roll, look at the workout, prepare yourself for what you are going to eat. Be prepared so that you know what you are eating for lunch. Defrost the meat in the morning. Make extras for lunch.

Set your standard. The minimum expectation of yourself. Always expect this standard.

Stop expecting mediocrity.

Take the info that is available to you, use it, and go on fire with it.

If you do this often enough, you will look and feel amazing.

There is absolutely no excuse not to foam roll and stretch before a session, so that you can continue to move and feel great. There is no excuse not to do some extra movement afterwards. There is no reason why you can’t make smart choices in the kitchen. There is no reason. You are the reason.

Do you want to get better? Do you want to be the best? You can be.

Are you hungry. I hope you are. Cause I am starving. I’m starving everyday. (metaphorically). I’m writing this post right now at 2:41am, because I am that f%$#&* starving to be great and to help you with that one sentence, or that 1 word that might make a difference to you in your life.

You want to look great? You have to be prepared to do what you have to do to look great.

I have to tell you something. Do you know how hungry I am too look better? It’s important to me. I can not be swayed to make decisions that I do not feel serve this cause (in the context of living and having a life). When I workout, I’m angry. I workout angry. (Some of you may have noticed this, who workout alongside me in bootcamp sessions)… So why don’t you use that? If you’ve got anger inside, use it. You’ve got happiness inside use that too. I want you to be hungry in every aspect of the game that is life.

And don’t fool yourself, life is very much a game. A game that we all need to show up to, prepared, hungry, and striving to be our best.

I layed out an outline of what you need to do for success in nutrition. Do it. I layed it out real easy, with adopting 1 habit at a time.

Here it is by the way: https://thebootcampeffect.com/the-fat-loss-equation

I’ll tell you this. I’m excited for this year. We are 1 month in and I can feel the electricity in the gym. It does not matter if you have not succeeded to this date. Clean state and make everything from here on it GREAT!


Eat less, move more. At least 5 hours per week. Start preparing, know how much weight you lift in your exercises, be ready to start right on the beep.

Fight the good fight. BE the beacon of hope for friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, trail blaze and show them the way to do it. Obesity is a pandemic. That’s a global problem. It’s one of the biggest issues in the world.

I just expanded the gym so you can get in the gym more. To make it more dynamic, more unique, for you. I didn’t need to do that from a business perspective.

But I know Bootcamp Effect could be better, that I could push my limits.

And isn’t pushing the limits, the very definition of heart? Your whole heart always beats your half ass.

Nothing can stop you.

As soon as you set that goal, that magic happens.

You gotta go all out and make it happen.

12 weeks. You can make a huge freaking change in your life.

Make a promise to yourself that you will lose 20lbs this month. If you have 50lbs to lose, there is no reason you cant lose this much weight in 12 weeks.

If you think you’re eating great and not losing weight. You’re not eating great. Adjust and track what works for you. Fix your head, your sleep, that one setback that stops you from being that superstar that is inside.

When you say you are going to do something, do it.

Stop letting yourself down.

Have that integrity with yourself.

Make promises to yourself and don’t let yourself down.

At the bottom of this post. Make that 100% commitment and promise of what you will achieve.

Your path is not going to be perfect.

It’s the magic of setting the dates. Making 20 bootcamp sessions per month.

Why arent you making 20 bootcamp session per month?

The things you do at bootcamp are amazing. But I know you can do and be more in those exercises. You can be stronger. You can be faster.

You have to believe in yourself. Believe that you can achieve things. Dont be afraid to fail.

Believe in yourself that youll lose 10, 15 20 pounds this month. Believe in yourself that you will be doing bodyweight pullups.

It’s easier to stay where you are at and do what your doing. Push the envelope – keep adding 5lbs to your lifts..

Get a little of some vitamin BE in your life.

BE Hungry,

P.S. There are 168 hours in a week. If you can’t find 3-5 to workout, you are not BUSY, you are CRAZY.