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The Bootcamp Effect is PROUD to present your fellow bootcamp members who will be competing in this years FEMSPORT. Andrea Haeber-Plautz, Belinda Fitchette, and Nancy Funnelle will be competing in an all women strength and fitness challenge. This challenge consists of teams performing exercises in the fastest time or maximum repetition in a given amount of time. Exercises include tire flips, inverted rows, box jumps, tire pulls, pushing a car, and many more.

Femsport is a western canadian regional event, with challenges in Edmonton, Calgary, Kamloops, and Vancouver. This year the event takes place on Saturday August 25, 2012 in Robson Square Vancouver. Come out and cheer on your fellow bootcamp members as they’ll need your cheers and support. Not to mention celebratory beverages to follow afterwards (only if it’s your cheat day)…


For more information about Femsport
go to: http://www.femsport.tv/
Email: krystine@thebootcampeffect.com

Krystine Fernandez
The Bootcamp Effect

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