BE Change

Bootcamp Effect Nation!

Do you want change?

Unfortunately, it does not come easy. And it comes at a price, that all must pay. A price that many think they can pay until the time comes when it comes to that last set of split squats or standing up to the pressure of saying no to treats at the office. TO BE CHANGE, you need to submerge yourself in this thing called health and fitness, you need to become addicted, you need to fall in love with it. And yes, it will become a driving force in your life, in the process transforming you into a force to be reckoned.

Your change is determined by your level of commitment. Your consistency. This does not necessarily come easy. If it was easy and came in a bottle, then everyone would have a great body. The people that achieve this level are kinda addicted to looking good and the goals that are associated with their training.

So, in order to transform the body, the mind must be transformed as well. It must become stronger, more decisive, unwavering…

Change is a challenging premise to a person. We all, by evolutionary design prefer to avoid it, since change in the design and history of our species meant danger leading to potential death. And of course, in our world now – an instant gratification world of immediate feedback…who the heck has the patience to wait for this change to happen with hard work, commitment, and consistency?

And change wont happen from walking on a treadmill reading a book or watching tv to pass the time. You need to be immersed in it.

Maybe you were concerned about the change in setting when you came to The Bootcamp Effect…

We don’t have your typical gym setting with big stationary machines and treadmills. But we will force you to make your body work the way it was designed to – manipulation of your body against gravity being a fundamental foundation of fitness.

Speaking of foundations. Here is my Hierarchy of Fitness

1. Nutrition
2. Mobility/Flexibility
3. Metabolic Conditioning
4. Bodyweight
5. Weight lifting
6. Competition/Sport

The Hierarchy explained:

1. Nutrition affects every cell of our being. Take care of it and it will transform your body. If your nutrition is not taken care of, you will never see the results you want. Visit the members site…www.thebootcampeffect.com/members for help with this.
2. Mobility/Flexibility means being able to move efficiently and effectively and entails the correct muscles are working so that we dont create muscle imbalances in the body which lead to compensation injuries. If you have poor mobility, you are laying groundwork upon a weak base. This will come back to get you. Not being able to squat low because of tight calves and hip flexors means less muscles are working which means less calories are burned…you get the picture. You need to shock your body into change, and half squatting is not a challenge for the human body! Get your butt to be parallel or lower with your knees!
3. Metabolic Conditioning means having the endurance to be able to execute movements for a continued period of time, so that you can experience a training effect. When you have endurance, you can increase your intensity which is where the magic happens. Intensity is the most important thing in the gym – it ties into #4,5,6. You need the endurance to being able to recover from short bouts of near maximum intensity. Being able to work at maximum effort for 10 sec periods in turns, will increase your endurance and enhance everything else. I see very few people at bootcamp working near this intensity. If you can talk, you are nowhere near it, if you can breathe comfortably, you are nowhere near it, if you are ready to do your next exercise comfortably you are nowhere near it…. Metabolic conditioning is all mental. It’s not listening to that voice in your head when it tells you that you should quit. It’s listening to that voice in your head which tells you that you can be the best.
4. Bodyweight means being able to master bodyweight movements in exercises such as pushups, situps, planks, lunges, pullups, trx exercises, etc.
5. Weight lifting is moving an external object such as dumbbell, medicine ball, or kettlebell for added resistance and difficulty.
6. Competition/Sport is competing against others and/or yourself. The desire to be the best is what pushes people to new heights. The fittest people in the world train and compete in groups, the formula has been proven!

So, is this what it takes to BE CHANGE?

Yes. Get your mind right. You need to be mentally prepared to commit to the health and fitness lifestyle. Being mentally prepared means that you’ve made the decision to change your current situation in order to create a better one. WHY DO YOU WANT TO CREATE A BETTER SITUATION? WHY ARE YOU HERE? Let me tell you, the health and fitness lifestyle, once it takes hold of you, it is the greatest thing in the world. There is no high better than that of taking care of the vessel you travel through in this life. And taking care of your body and being proud of what it looks like is an amazing thing.

You should be able to do amazing things with your body, you should be able to do pushups off your toes, perform a chinup, run 5k.

Put yourself in the right environment to enhance your success. Make it easy on yourself to be a success. The ideal lifestyle is one that allows nothing but positive influences to impact your life to a greater degree. Let the workouts be the hard part. If you get any people in your life giving you a hard time about this, please send me their contact information, so that I can speak with them…I’m dead serious about this. I owe it to you, as a member of my gym to ensure your success.

To become the greatest version of the grandest vision of you, what a thing to become.

How bad do you want it?

It can be yours. Take action now.

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect

P.s. If you need help figuring anything out, please email us at info@thebootcampeffect.com

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