Josh Saunders Apr 30, 2015 News  

Hey guys,

Just wanted to write a post to let you know about the upcoming Spartan Race taking place on June 6th, 2015 in Vancouver.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Spartan Race. Their slogan sums it up perfectly…


Spartan race

Much like your daily effots at boot camp, you will require a strong reason why to tackle the trials that the race has to offer…

But as you know, with risk comes reward.

Read more about Spartan Race and their many race options here: http://spartanracemedia.com/ca

We do not have a team at present, but feel free to connect with one another on The Bootcamp Effect Facebook Page or at the gym if you want to put together a group.

All Bootcamp Effect members are welcome to a 15% off discount by using the code: AROO15

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