April’s Impact Challenges

April was the site of 2 challenges: The BE IMPACT challenge and the Facebook challenge.

The BE IMPACT challenge was a 60 sec AMRAP for 7 exercises that was held every Monday for the month of April.

Below is the top 5 performances for girls and guys over the month.

1. Steve – 575 total reps
2. Corey – 498 total reps
3. Zee – 493 total reps
4. John B. – 488 total reps
4. Dave K. – 488 total reps
5. Jason – 484 reps (elite)
1. Kathy – 467 total reps
2. Jen P – 463 total reps
3. Hayley – 461 total reps
4. Julie – 451 total reps
4. Tricia – 451 total reps
5. Maxine – 445 total reps
April was also the setting for the Facebook challenge!
Below is a message I sent to The Bootcamp Effect Facebook page:

“We just passed 600 likes. I want to give some stuff away and there’s a lot of BE swag at the gym… So whoever attends at least 20 workouts in April and loses 10lbs will get a free Bootcamp Effect shirt. All this can be tracked at the front desk sign in. If you need to get extra workouts in please feel free to come to the gym and ride the bike and just choose that timeslot on the sign in.
Good luck and I look forward to some great results!”

And the results are in…

21 people managed to make it into the gym 20 or more times for the month. Let’s give them a hand!!!!! Of these, there were 3 who were able to lose 10 or more pounds and will be sporting a fresh bootcamp shirt at the gym! And they are:

– Dave Wright

– Heather Vybiral

– Gurpreet Manhas

 Thank you to you all for your dedication, hard work, and commitment to your results. It is a pleasure to be apart of your journey!
Keep moving,
Josh Saunders