An Olympic Prelude: 11 Fat Loss Dos and Donts

Hey guys!!!

Happy Olympics, as today marks the start of the games of the 30th Olympiad.
If you know me, you know I love the Olympics. I think it is one of the greatest things there is. I found it fitting that yesterday I found myself at my parents house watching the opening ceremonies next to the two people that had instilled that love of sport and competition in me since I was young.

No where else will you find a spine tingling, hair raising, goosebump bringing, awe inspiring, eye watering, celebration of sport, competition and humanity. A breath of fresh air every few weeks, every few years, where wars and everything else that is no good takes a backseat to the best of us. Where themes like what we can achieve if we believe, persist and commit ring as true as the food in front of our face. I have long considered it one of the greatest honors an individual can attain by being called an Olympian. An honor that is earned with every sacrifice and hour of practice. I urge you to take some time to observe and light that inner fire over the next few weeks. Find some inspiration from the “ultimate committers.” – Those who have dedicated their lives and consumed by their goal.

Now find your goal.

Now follow this guide if you want it.
11 Fat Loss DO’s and DON’TS!

1. Do – Listen to me. I do this for a living. This is all I do. From 8am to 11pm – I probably need to reduce this, but I love doing it so much and I am not interested in being the 2nd best boot camp in Langley. So if you are listening to other people that do not share a similar point of view as The Bootcamp Effect, then you are not making any progress because you are a fence sitter. Now, how’s that ass feel? A lot has changed in the last few years regarding what works the best to lose fat (not weight). You would agree that losing fat is more important than weight right? Our workouts are a combination of scientific research, practical applications, experience and fun factor. Our nutritional advice, well that is a combination of lots of reading, practical application and speaking with the most successful trainers throughout North America. If you have been struggling to lose weight. You should read the number 1 reason you cant lose weight and apply it. People that have listened to me and applied this information have gotten over the plateaus and humps with ease. Those who have battled it have struggled and are in the same position they were when they first asked me what to do.

2. Do – Eliminate Inflammatory foods like sugars and starches. (So that means breads, pastas, all packaged crap, potatoes, candy, dairy, diet coke, and so forth). This is a list for those of you are struggling or plateaud. I can tell you don’t really want to lose weight and are quite comfortable if you are eating pasta, white bread, or pepsi. At a bodyfat percentage above 15% for women or 10% for men, you really don’t metabolize carbohydrates very well. (That percentage range is encompassing the overwhelming majority). You have to earn the right to eat pizza! (One cheat meal per week). Anymore than that and settle for silver. Or even worse.. settle for 4th, because if you are having multiple cheat meals per week, you don’t get to medal. You don’t get to cheat because you had a hard day…You don’t get wine because you had a hard day…Commit to this for 3 months. 3 months…And I better see some commitment for the biggest winner contest (details coming soon) and you will see inspirational change. INSPIRATIONAL CHANGE! You. This could be your influence around your loved ones, fellow bootcamp members, and complete strangers (who will now stop you in the street now because you look so good!)

3. Do – add anti-inflammatory foods like green vegetables to your diet. I would also add vega protein to this as it is alkaline forming with greens, but then it would look like I’m pushing a product on you.

Olympian worthy fact: Cancer can not form in an alkaline environment. Think.

4. Don’t – Never go on calorie deprivation, starvation diets – they don’t work in the long run and lead to greater weight gain in the future from damaging your metabolism. If your goal is to lose weight and you have gained weight at bootcamp, and you don’t eat that much junk food or real food, then you are currently on a calorie deprivation diet. Eat more. Now.

5. Do – Eat more fiber. Focus on getting 30-35+ grams of fiber a day from whole foods such as almonds, flax seeds, and vegetables. (Or Vega One which gives you 6 grams…I seriously didn’t want this to be a pitch fest, but dammit, it’s such a good product!)

6. Do – Drink Water. Just drink it all day. We don’t need to worry about how much you need if you are drinking it all day!

7. Don’t – Run long distance to lose weight. Running short bursts and intervals is the way to go! Long distance running is a cortisol laced, catabolic nightmare. We have tested the effects of running with the ultrasound body fat analysis on individuals and yes, it will make you lose weight, but most of that weight is water and muscle, and losing muscle will lower your metabolism.

Olympic worthy challenge: Because it is the start of the Olympics today, I would like to introduce you to a short burst cardiovascular XXX olympic challenge…

The Olympic 2 minute Row Challenge:
For the duration of the Olympics, we will be running this event. Row your heart out for 2 mins and record your distance on the board. You can do this as many or as few times as you like during the course of any bootcamp workout. Will you make the podium? You can hang your head high if you do your best. If there was ever a 2 week period to step up your challenges it would be in the light of the greatest event on the planet.

8. Do – Add 2-3 resistance training based workouts to your short interval cardio workouts to create a long-term metabolic change in your body to burn body fat.

With The Bootcamp Effect… Long term success = listen to your body + 2-3 resistance and 2-3 intervals per week totaling 5-6 workouts per week.

9. Do – Evidence suggests Omega-3 fish oil may help with burning body fat while preserving lean muscle, but besides that supplement there are no other safe “pills” on the market that will help you lose weight (so save your money and your health). My Omega 3’s are on a table in my living room.
I take 2 whenever I look at them or every few hours. I also have Vega One which has omega 3’s. You should be getting at least 5grams of Omega 3 per day.

10. Don’t – Be an energy vampire! Although caffeine can help you burn body fat when taken before a workout (I’ll do this if I’m feeling tired), it can also lead to higher cortisol levels which could in turn could halt your weight loss progress (just like running a lot of long distance). So, if you are someone who has a lot of stress in your life you may want to regulate the caffeine. If you drink more than 2 a day, would you agree that you suffer from low energy? Your adrenals are probably fried and all
that caffeine is making up for lack of internal “caffeine”. Limit the sauce and you will have more energy. We didn’t always have caffeine in the case if human history! (Caffeine use started booming in the 1800’s and has been around since 1500BC).

11. Do – follow through. Whatever program or bootcamp you choose to help you lose weight, make sure you follow it to the letter. Don’t just pick and choose the parts you’re willing to do… if that worked, losing weight would be easy, and you may not be reading this post (or have met me? 🙂 )

BE Fit, BE Strong, BE…
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect