A walk down Bootcamp Effect lane.

befit, langley personal trainer, langley bootcamp

I’ve been going down memory lane this past week updating our new member’s autoresponders from Bootcamp Effect to BEFIT and reading old articles

And it’s always amazing to look at where you’ve come from… Reading those old posts, and reading that contagious positivity and naivety…  It makes me take a step back and reflect on how humbling it is to see the growth of both myself and The Bootcamp Effect… I mean BEFIT over the years 😉

befit, langley personal trainer, langley bootcamp

So thank you for sharing that journey with me.

Whether it’s been positive or negative, because it made me better by .01 percent each day. And isn’t that point of this whole fitness thing!

That daily commitment to incremental progress had me named Langley’s Favourite Personal Trainer this year. So thank you for voting for me if you contributed. That seriously kicks ass!

Ok, enough of the rambling…

All this reminds me of a quote regarding enablers …

“People that have enabled you your whole life disable you for your future.”

When you don’t do what you should do, you get fired at your job, you don’t get results, you lose at life.

So do what you should do regardless of how you feel, your mood, or your emotions because that action consistently applied creates success.

And on the way, be aware of people helping you take the easy route, as life is the journey, and the hard work is the scenery.

While thanking people along the way who supported, challenged, and guided you…

I’d like to thank my dad for not letting me quit that 1st year when things seemed bleak, running bootcamps in a park with no location for the winter, and to Karen for always being there and helping me make the hard decisions over the years.

And as for you, I want you to be more aware of who your supporters are, who your enablers are, who your friends are, and who your competitors are.

Who makes you that little better everyday? If you have time today, thank them.

Work hard. Be better. And be all that you can be.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
Lifestyle. Strength. Performance.