A message about your commitment


This nutrition thing is way too overcomplicated.

Let me ask you a few questions…

Is chicken good for you?…

Is broccoli good for you?…

Are eggs good for you?…

Is bread good for you?…

Did you say yes to the 1st 3 and no to the last 1? Good, you know nutrition, you can stop worrying about that!

See, you know what is good for you…

So why dont you do it?

I need a 100 percent commitment from you. You need a 100 percent commitment from yourself!!! We will get the results you want in 12 weeks if you follow the information on the bootcamp members page and workout regularly.

See someone who eats a piece of cake or a cookie nullifies a workout. I was renewing my car insurance the other day and the brokers were celebrating something… I even got offered a piece of cake! You know what I said, ” I don’t eat cake.” The girls were shocked! Yes. Do not crumble to peer pressure! Fact: I do eat cake. I just carefully choose the right time to have it. You have to want to be better everyday! It is a lifestyle!!!

So simply put…

Eat Less (unhealthy food). Move More.

If you are moving more, make sure you move better by working on your mobility. That involves coming in early to foam roll and stretch those tender spots from previous workouts or the environment you spend the most time in (like work). That involves staying after for 5 mins and stretching out those tight spots even more. That’s it! You know what to stretch. If you don’t know how, ask the bootcamp team, and we’ll let you know what to do. The workouts are designed so that you can come everyday! This is done on purpose. We love working with you and want to fill the gym everyday with the hard work, energy, and sweat of positive individuals!

If you eat less, make them healthy choices based on these 5 healthy habits.

Habit 1 – Eat slowly and stop eating at 80% full

  • Increases appetiite awareness
  • Teaches you to listen to hunger cues and body sensations
  • Reduces total calorie intake

Habit 2 – Eat protein dense foods with each meal

Habit 3 – Eat vegetables with each meal

  • Easiest way to achieve daily vegetable needs
  • Improves vitamin and mineral intake
  • Helps control overall food intake

Habit 4 – Save high starch meals until after exercise

Habit 5 – Eat good fats daily

  • Improves inflammation control, hormonal profile, and metabolism

That’s it.

Just do it.

Get results.

Here’s a good place to start.


(the password is on the whiteboard at the gym, or just email us to get it!)

Best results,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect

P.s. Excuses equals fat when I ask you how your nutrition is going.