A Letter To Belly Fat

Dear Belly Fat,

We shouldn’t have stayed together so long. Now, not only do I find you annoying, but the sight of you makes me hate you now. Infact, I want a divorce. You can keep the KFC fries and gravy, our favorite groove in the couch, and the receipts to the gym we never went to.

I mean, what were we thinking in the first place? We knew it would never work out. I want to have a long life void of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and a myriad of other diseases. You found me when I had a moment of weakness and you latched on and took advantage of me. And I am better than that and I deserve more!

Best yet, I found this new crowd and I think I am going to start spending time with them for a while and see what happens.

With guarantees of fat loss, healthy meal plans and ideas, and a barrage of full body exercises, the divorce should be over in 6 months. And I don’t even think we should visit either, not even for Christmas for egg nog and cookies.

I know it’s cold, but I want to start thinking what’s best for me and you’re just not a part of that anymore.

I’ll send you a picture,

Future Bootcamper