6 Slim Sexy Thigh Tips

Your way to slim sexy thighs while avoiding boring cookie cutter workouts written in magazines to sell advertising!

(say that 6 times in a row)…

Here are 6 tips that are utilized in my Langely bootcamps that are good for a few inches off your thighs:

  1. Snap a before picture – Let’s start from the beginning… you want change, you have a goal??? YOU MAKE A GOAL! You will commit fully to it, and take a picture to remind yourself of where you were and where you want to be. Snapping that picture triggers something in your mind to fully commit to your goal.
  2. No sugar no problem – You know that nutrition is always half the battle when attempting a body composition goal, so get serious and axe the sugar! Anytime, I have a member, who is struggling, it is typically because of these sugary treats finding their way into the shopping cart. Cut them off there, infact don’t even go down that aisle
    The Point of No Return

    and invite them into your home! If you want fast results, you have to make fast change and that means eliminating this crap from your diet. You may have 1 cheat day of this, that is all!

  3. Write a food diary – When you join The Bootcamp Effect, I make you fill out a weeks worth, so that we may analyze your diet and give you a plan to get those slim thighs. Not to mention, I’m giving you insight into your own diet. By making you write down food before you eat it, you are starting to take more onus on what you put into your body and think about healthy alternatives. THIS IS RESEARCH PROVEN! It works…Improve your diet and you will lose weight and get those slim thighs.
  4. Interval training – Australian researchers (yes those folks down under), found women that take part in high intensity interval training lose the most fat in their butt and thighs. So 30 seconds on 30 seconds off sounds like a good way to start things off. Try running that 5 times….GO!
  5. Bodyweight exercises = bodyweight loss – 1 leg lying hip extensions, 1 leg balance and touch deadlifts, burpees, jump knee tucks – these exercises will work the butt and give you all the right curves…Like this…

    Wait, is that Halle Berry?
  6. Consistency – You have to commit to something for success ( I feel like I have said this already in this post?) You either want it or you don’t. If you attend bootcamp 3x/week you should be doing some form of cardiovascular exercise 2x/week  to get the necessary caloric expenditure for rapid results. It’s up to you, If you need help, I am here. 20 minutes of jogging is a good place to start for your 20 minutes 2x/week – you can do that, or how about joining an intramural soccer team or playing drop-in basketball, just find something you like doing and it will never be a hassle, unless you have 17 kids, then you may have to bring them all too.
That’s a lot of kids!

It’s up to you, if you need help I am here living in Langley, B.C. and teaching bootcamps in White Rock and Langley.

Josh Saunders, BSC, CSCS