6 Interesting Facts From The Fitness World

Hey guys,

Check out these interesting fitness facts…

  1. A recent scientific study came out proporting green tea’s help in the fight against fat. It seems that when added with caffeine, green tea is helpful with weight loss as it increases energy metabolism and fatty acid oxidation – so drink up!!!!
  2. The quickest nutritional method to burn fat is to get your carbohydate sources from your fruits and vegetables. You can definitely achieve the body you want by eating starches, breads, and pastas, it will just take you longer. So get aquainted with the food you love: cauliflower, cantaloupe, carrots, and kiwis – I love alliteration!!!
  3. You think you got strong abs!??? Well, you need to be able to do a plank for 2 mins to prove it!!! Renowned back expert, Dr. Stuart McGill says fit individuals should be able to do a plank for 2 mins straight. If you’re not there yet, keep working on it. Not only will your abs get stronger, but the exercise will become easier as you lose more weight – I love multitasking!!!
  4. Keep interval training, don’t do long, slow, boring cardio. There is so much research on the effectiveness of interval training. My body will tell you this as well, as I never do cardio over 20mins!
  5. If you want to walk around and show to the world how fit you are after all those planks you have been doing here’s some need to know: guys need to be close to 10% fat to show their abs and women need to be at about 16% fat. But if you are really muscular, your abs will be easier to see- so you cold even have 12-13% bodyfat if you are a guy.
  6. If you are wondering about bodyfat, here is a table to give you an idea of where you should be.