5 years ago

Five years ago I started this bootcamp with nothing.

I had no money, no car (I borrowed my parent’s), no formal business plan, and no clients.

NOT a great place to start a business! In fact, I even had no one show up my first week! The equipment I was using was garage relics that I had accumulated over the years, I was renting out a cheerleading gym in the morning and running sessions while working a part time job as a personal trainer at the local rec center.
But, I had an idea, a passion, a work ethic, and a positive spirit that I could create something in this world. Even though, I was confident that I could build Bootcamp Effect into something special, I never would’ve imagined having my own gym, let alone, one the current size of The Bootcamp Effect.

5 years ago I never thought I would’ve create something so amazing.

And I was reminded of this, this past weekend with the turnout at our latest Bootcamp Social. So many people smiling, laughing, and having a great time sharing in their workout stories, similarities, and commonalities.

Now friends.

Now a family.

And I was saying to someone that night…

You have these big gatherings in high school, we have them in college, we’ll hold onto a few good friends along the way, but then we lose that part of our lives…

And it truly is an honour to have created something to bring you all together. To hold onto those celebrations of a youthful spirit.

You guys are the magic of The Bootcamp Effect.

Brought together by a desire to improve ourselves through fitness. Brought together by braving challenging workouts. Brought together by the positive vibes of this amazing community. See, we all help each other get through these workouts. The trainers, the members… without all of us, it would be easy to give up on rep 5 of 10. It would be easy to quit when you have 250m left on the rower.

And I stress WE.

We may have all been looking for some level of change but in the process, are all helping to change each other. Thank you for being a part of this and thank you for helping to create the positivity of The Bootcamp Effect.

One person may of had an idea to create the most positive fitness experience ever, but it takes a lot of people to make it a reality. I am truly grateful that you found this place.

I love fitness. I love The Bootcamp Effect. I wake up everyday thinking about how I can make your experience better. How I can help get you better results. Say that one thing that could light that fire and make you connect with that love for movement that consumes me…

And I look forward to our adventures together and what mental and physical potential we can uncover.

Committed to your success,