5 Fat Loss Mistakes

Hey guys,

In today’s lecture I am hammering home the importance of these mistakes so that you can get to where you’re going and optimize your fat loss efforts. I hope you are not making these mistakes! Let’s get started with Fat Loss Mistakes 101.

1. Eating too many or too few calories

Your body either grows or shrinks ultimately on your caloric intake. This is the most important factor to your weight loss (not fat loss- but they are connected). If you want to gain weight (I am talking about the good clean lean muscle type of weight), you would eat as much chicken breasts, brown rice, and pasta as you can. If you want to lose weight, you eat as little as you can without putting yourself in the fat-storing starvation mode (this would entail small frequent meals, designed to keep your metabolism burning on all cylinders). Your exact number is calculated by our in-house bootcamp dietician when you sign up for this Langley bootcamp. Caloric intake is soooo important, there was a recent experiment where this guy lost weight entirely off a diet of twinkies because he had like 1800 calories a day, and stuck with it for 2 months.

But remember, it’s entertainment and it’s something that you do NOT try at home.

So if a guy can lose weight off twinkies it really goes to show how caloric intake DOES have a LOT to do with weight loss – despite what some gurus might say.

But seriously, don’t eat the Twinkie diet.

We all know that, right?

You shouldn’t eat Twinkies everyday, BUT once per week it is fine
and even helpful to enjoy your favorite foods using a “Cheat” plan.

P.s. Eating below 1200 calories a day would be considered starvation mode and is terrible for you in the long run.

2. On the elliptical for hours…. is boring and burns away muscle and slow your metabolism down

I can’t stress the need for HIIT (high intensity interval training) for fat burning. It not only takes you a fraction of the time, but you’ll alleviate boredom as you get your body in shape. On a sidenote, it is not considered high intensity interval training if you aren’t pushing yourself! You want to change your body? Give it something to adapt too! HIIT is #1 at my Langley bootcamp.

3. No breakfast: the kiss of death for your metabolism!

Skipping breakfast or only eating two meals a day? You need to feed your body at regular intervals so that it knows that any energy coming in can be used for energy rather than stored as a spare tire.

4. Buying expensive ‘ab machines’ that are full of empty promises or doing waist thickening crunches

Here’s the truth, I have abs….And I rarely ever do crunches in my workouts (I did in the past though). In my 3-4 day/week workout routine, I do not have a designated abdominal day or workout. Now this isn’t the best practice for everyone, as having a weak core will lead to a slew of problems including back pain and lacking the functional strength to perform exercises such as pushups. Abdominal exercises are a key component of workout regimes and you should continue doing these exercises. I don’t do ab workouts because I want to spend my time in the gym working the larger muscle groups (which build more muscle and burn more fat). When will I start doing core workouts again? When I notice my core is not strong enough during heavy squats.

You want to see your abs? Lower your bodyfat with high intensity interval training that makes you gasp for breath (like squats) – then rest, and repeat. (I’ll supply the music).

If I had to suggest one ab exercise, I would suggest the plank. Your goal is 2 mins. (It’s been established by scientists) Go get ’em!

Dr. Stuart McGill established fundamental core strength in a plank is 2 mins

5. Taking ‘fat burning’ or appetite suppressant pills that only lighten your wallet, and not the scale

These are a short term solution to a long term goal. There is no magic potion to fitness and fat loss (well except steroids, but I like to think that you, a reader of this blog, have the moral fiber to say NO to the easy way out, and build the confidence and character that comes with achieving your goal with hard work and ethics.

Are you satisfied with how you look and feel?

Only you can make the change.

I can help,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
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