3 Levels of Workouts at The Bootcamp Effect

bootcamp workouts

At Bootcamp Effect we offer 3 levels of programming to accommodate all the experiences and abilities that comprise our bootcamp membership.

bootcamp workouts

These workouts run in all timeslots with everyone sharing the same space, the same experience, and the same energy. Everyone a part of this community, celebrating similar successes and providing support for one another despite the differences in needs and abilities. This is invaluable, and this is what makes The Bootcamp Effect unique.

These workouts are written on our whiteboard in 3 distinct colors:

  • Fundamentals
  • Fitness
  • BEfit

They are summarized as follows:

Fundamentals:  The Fundamentals workout focuses on technique and building a strong foundation. Fundamental workouts are recommended for anyone new to exercise, or just getting back into a physical exercise program. Exercises are typically easier to learn and focus on mastering movements with bodyweight before adding an external load such as weights. There is a focus on core and isometric body movements as this helps build stability throughout the body and reduces injury.

The Fundamentals is a great option if you are still working on perfecting technique (or are unsure of what correct technique even is). In addition, if you consider yourself a beginner, have a weak core, or are concerned about the intensity of a workout, then this option will best set you up for long term success as it will build a strong foundation from which to move forward with.

An important point to this is if you feel the fundamentals is the appropriate level for you, you don’t need to progress to the more challenging workouts. As you are more than capable of getting great fat loss results by performing these workouts and accompanying it with healthy nutrition.

***If you are someone presently experiencing any joint concerns or coming off an injury, we strongly recommend that you perform the Fundamental workouts.***

Fitness: These workouts are specifically designed for fat loss and build on the skills developed in the fundamentals by adding an external load and incorporating more challenging movements which showcase an individual’s understanding of technique and coordination.

If there is ever an exercise that doesn’t feel right, you are always welcome to do the Fundamentals option of the exercise. Conversely, if you ever feel like the Fitness version of the exercise is not challenging enough, you are welcome to do the BEFit option.

When it pertains to choosing the Fitness vs. Fundamentals workout, my take on it is this… If you typically do the Fitness workout and the WOD (Workout of the Day) asks for 5 pushups, and you can’t do 5 pushups with your chest to the ground, then you would be best served doing the Fundamentals workout, where you can build the stability and strength of your upper body and core and avoid the possibility of a compensatory shoulder injury. Furthermore, if a Fitness workout has 10 goblet squats, yet you have trouble executing 10 perfect air squats, then you will go further in the long run by building that base with 10 perfect air squats. 

BEfit: Designed for individuals looking to increase their strength and performance. Best suited to those individuals who have met or are close to their weight loss goal, are well trained, and seeking mastery in health and fitness.

It does not serve you to do the BEfit workouts if you aren’t lifting as heavy as you can for the desired rep range and/or lifting with perfect form, as the nature of the BEfit workouts is harder on the joints. It is imperative you know your body and know when to dial it back when you are feeling tight and/or not feeling well. You should be doing the required mobility for your body before and/or after every workout to stay mobile as the demands and intensity of these workouts will leave you tighter than the other workouts. If you are unsure of any exercise, please ask a Bootcamp Effect Coach before attempting, as we prefer to explain the fine points of these exercises individually rather than to the group.

You will note in some workouts there is an Rx for certain BEfit exercises. In the context of our workouts, Rx stands for Recommended max. This is the recommend max for everyone in the gym during a competitive component of a BEfit workout. It does not mean everyone doing BEFit should be doing this weight. In fact, it should definitely not be done by everyone doing BEfit, as everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.


Although we leave it to each individual to ultimately decide which is the appropriate level of workout for them, we do recommend all individuals who are new to bootcamp to start with the Fundamentals workout.

When you consider that most people seek out a bootcamp to help them in their fat loss goal, consistency becomes the ultimate currency of results. Thus we train for longevity, train for technique, and build a rock solid foundation.

We focus on building healthy habits integrated 1 at a time, and habit by habit propel you further in the long term.

The intensity part comes over time and when you are ready for it. And of course, if something ever looks intimidating, or you are unsure of an exercise please don’t hesitate to ask! Not pushing at all because of fear of judgement or failure has no place here. The key is to push just over the edge consistently (5% over the limit is a great place) and that way you are expanding. Every once in a while you push it more and make progress that is “insane” to most people. But the gold truly lies in the consistency of pushing just a little over the edge.

There is thought put in to every exercise and every rep that you do. Nothing is random. Every exercise has a purpose. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS,
The Bootcamp Effect
Langley’s Best in Fitness