Josh Saunders Jan 05, 2012 Fitness 101  Mindset  Motivation  Nutrition  

The average person needs to be exercising 3-5x/week. Let me rephrase that… Get your ass to the bootcamp! Especially if you are a recent sign-up or are still on extended holidays! To be successful in fat loss, you need to eat better, so if you are not attending bootcamp regularly, your diet should be superb….

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Josh Saunders Jan 02, 2012 Bios  Mindset  Motivation  Uncategorized  

It’s time for the first annual Bootie awards with your host Josh Saunders (crowd goes wild, haaaaa, haaaaaaa) Thank you, thank you, you’re too kind. Thanks for joining me in lovely Langley British Columbia for the 1st ever Langley Bootcamp Bootie Awards, chronicling the year that it was in the world of The Bootcamp Effect….

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