1 Story – 3 Metaphors – 3 Lessons

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This post is a quick one for you today and the focus is on 3 observations that we can turn into lessons that can be applied to your life inside and outside the gym.

Let’s go…

So here’s the scenario. I noticed a member continually grinding through a shoulder issue in their training. Instead of doing anything about it like going to see a physio or chiro or modifying the exercises that don’t feel great, they continue to grind through it in pain. It’s hard enough getting to the gym and having to feel actual pain is not what training is about.

So that’s the story, here’s 3 lessons we can take from it:

  1. Never delay taking corrective action once you’ve recognized a problem.

    Lesson – Awareness Precedes Change

  2. Hoping the problem will get better is unrealistic. If you have a shoulder that is hurting you, continuing to do the exercises that create the pain is the same as continuing to slam a door shut on your hand. Do you think that your hand would ever heal with the door repeatedly striking it? This doesn’t mean you should stop exercising, it just means you should be listening to your body more and stop doing exercises that make you feel worse. The body sends pain signals to your brain to let you know something is wrong. Don’t ignore it!

    Lesson – Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results

  3. Procrastination magnifies problems. If you know you should go to a chiro or physio or speak with one of our coaches about some corrective exercises, do it as soon as you can, and then take action!

    Lesson – Action alleviates anxiety

langley gym, langley fitness, langley weight loss
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